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Wedding Invitation Cards: Because A Card Can Speak A 1000 Words

ShaadiSaga, 15 Apr 2015

The news of marriages is heralded through the distribution of invitation cards. They travel by post and air across the length and breadth of the world. Their arrival is greeted with a smile and the word spreads. The khush khabari is here. The days that follow are spent in anticipation, in preparation and grand shopping – for it’s time to celebrate the grand Indian wedding of kith and kin. These marriage invitation cards are often preserved by several families – they’re one of those memoirs of the wedding that happened. In my family, we have the wedding cards of every known close relative carefully wrapped in plastic and kept for posterity. The design of each card shows a marked difference for they have bowed to the trends of the times. But the felicitous feeling of opening them remains unchanged. With each passing year, cards are getting more and more decorative. This is the story of Indian wedding cards and a look into some of the best wedding card designs we have come across.

Spice box by Ravish Kapoor: Traditional Indian brides would often carry a spice box, the culinary wisdom and secrets of their families to the homes of their husbands. Taking inspiration from this, invite creator Ravish Kapoor made a wedding card themed on a spice box. An additional layer of sweets was added to accommodate the newer tradition of gifting sweets. Modelled in tones of brown, orange and gold, this Indian invitation uses broad, imported papers, gold plating and acrylic to create this remarkable design.

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Invitation 2

Invitation 1

Source: Ravish Kapoor

Indian Passport invitation: Made by Kate, the founder of Wedding Invitation designer, this was a wedding modeled on an Indian passport, for the destination wedding of Kamy and Rohan. The destination being Goa, the inside front cover had the pristine sands of Goa beaches. After their names and place of birth Kamy listed the things she liked about Rohan as "charismatic, funny, athletic and a great cook". Rohan included in Kamys list the fact that he thinks she's "amazing, beautiful, independent, smart and caring.”

Invitation 3

Source: Kamy and Rohan

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Bosporous by Ravish Kapoor: This destination wedding was in Turkey. The inspiration for the card came from the beautiful tile work found in the historic monuments of the Sultanamet area. The white, blue and gold tiled box lifts off to reveal the beautiful Ganesh gift, which is set upon an engraved pedestal. Behind the Ganesh, is a navy colored potli which holds the inserts containing all the wedding details.

Invitation 4

Source: Ravish Kapoor

Matchbox style invite: Indian match boxes are collectible items, if you come to think of it. With unique designs carved on them, in connection with the popular fancy of their ages, they’ve been a part and parcel of our lives. What better way to spell out love than through a matchbox invite?

Invitation 5

Source: Potweet

            DDLJ will always be a universal favorite. Therefore, it was fitting that this wedding card should be DDLJ themed. After all, the story of the couple also had a DDLJ twist. In a perfect way to illustrate this, they went the DDLJ way.

Whimsical Cards: For Seema’s and Joseph’s wedding, they decided to go whimsical. In beautifully made illustrations, messages and dates were incorporated and letterpressed on thick cotton paper.

Whimsical Cards

Source: Osho Beautiful Paper

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Beach Wedding: When Valencia and Kevin decided to get married by the beach, the designers at Illustrated Much decided it was best to show the couple roving away into Sunset in the presence of their pet dog, Rover.A simplistic yet colorful card, this one incorporated the essence of Goa in its true spirit.

Invitation 7

Film Premiere: From Harry Potter to Batman to Bangalore hangouts, this card is a unique blend of color and curiosity. It is sure to catch the attention of those holding it.

Invitation 8

Featured Image: Ravish Kapoor