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Unique Gifting Ideas To Gratify Your Parents On Your Wedding Day!

Shreya Gupta, 17 Jun 2019

Amidst the wedding revelries, you must feel a lot pampered and loved but hey someone else deserves some pampering too! Wondering who? The folks who got you into this world guys. This must be the last thing on your mind but your parents are undeniably worthy of some appreciation for standing by you and handling your tantrums with a smile throughout their life. And as you bid adieu and start a new life, gift them some sweet memories to cherish upon throughout their life.

This small gesture is sure gonna leave a big smile on their face and they will adore your gift whenever they gaze upon it. So to help you out, we are here with some unique and meaningful ideas to gift your parents on your wedding day!

Wedding Gift Ideas for Parents

1. Couple Spa Date

Our parents deserve pampering too and especially after hosting a big family wedding! So surprise them with a gift card for a luxurious and relaxing couple spa and make them feel loved!

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2. Weekend Escape

The only duo that deserves a post-wedding getaway as much as you and your spouse is your parents. Book a quaint resort away from the town or arrange their stay at the luxe hotel which they have always dreamed of splurging on.

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3. Meaningful Glassware

Some meaningful and funky glassware will make an excellent gift for your dad’s whiskey sessions and your mum’s kitty parties. And it’s surely gonna remind them of you every time they pour a drink!

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4. Couple Bands/Rings

There is always a lot of value attached to a piece of jewellery. Gift your parents statement couple bands or rings so that they flaunt your love like a pro!

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5. Luxurious Hampers- Shaving Kit/ Spa kit

Taking care of your parent's skin care is a great idea! Make an amazing luxurious hamper having your parents favorite shaving and spa products and see the glow on their face!

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6 Wedding Memoir

A grand wedding is something your parents have dreamed of from probably since the day you were born. So why not frame that exquisite wedding card of yours and gift it to your parents as a memoir of your as well as their special day.

7. A Collection of their Favourite Songs

Everyone loves music, right? Well, so do your parents! Make a collection of their favorite songs and they are surely going to love it to bits.

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8. Home Assistant

It feels so good to make things easy for our parents but now that you are getting married, who is going to help them? Probably you can gift a home assistant to your folks to help them manage their everyday tasks and much more!

9. Family Photo Calendar

Grab 12 of your favorite images from your childhood till your wedding day and present a chick calendar to your parents. One gaze at the calendar is surely gonna bring out a lot of memories for your parents to cherish upon!

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What are you going to gifts your parents on your wedding day?