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Wedding Decorators

Enough of These Wedding Decors From 2017: Top Decorators Reveal

Bhavika Vallecha, 13 Nov 2017

After food, the decor is the second best thing about weddings. The use of various elements, their composition, the look and feel of the venue, the lights, the flowers, everything is so mesmerizing about the wedding decor. But, just like how fashio...

Wedding Decorators

The Fab Makers Behind Yuvraj and Hazel's Wedding (Plus Exclusive Pictures!!)

ShaadiSaga, 05 Dec 2016

Everyone has been talking about Yuvraj and Hazel and everything related to their grand wedding. And you also might be wondering who are the people behind YHPL's stunning photos and the gorgeous decor? Well, we talked to the photographer and the de...

Wedding Decorators

6 Awesome Decor Ideas That You Are Going To Fall In Love With! | Rani Pink's Autumn Winter Collec...

Sanchita Kalra, 12 Sep 2016

If you're looking for best of the best wedding decorators for your wedding, I can happily tell you that your quest is now over. Rani Pink, located in Shahpur Jat, has been our favourite decorator since they launched last year. No, not because they...

Wedding Decorators

5 Best Decorators And Their Captivation Decor' That Completes Your Dream Wedding

Neha Garg, 29 Sep 2015

So, it’s the day you always have dreamt of, forever. From the white orchids to the orange bouganvillas! A wedding is incomplete without the decor' and the perfect decor' makes the wedding look more like a dream and makes it very very special for t...


Wedding Decorators

The Beautiful Wedding Décor For This Spring Summer Wedding By Bougainvilla Designs

Neha Garg, 18 Apr 2015

Creating a strong focal point at your wedding functions or ceremonies is really one of the most crucial elements of wedding decoration.  The stunning wedding backdrop designs, the prop ideas, decorative flowers, colorful themes, and creative ideas...