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Wedding Day Photos Brides Must Have With Their Daddy Dearest

Hitarthi Wadhwa, 30 Dec 2017

If there is only a single moment in a man's life when he cannot suppress his feelings, it is this "His little princess's wedding day".

He goes through uncountable emotions and bids you away with a heavy heart and teary eyes. And in the hustle bustle of the preparations, you might forget to lock those precious. Tell your photographer to capture the best pictures with your dad.

Here are some of our favorites: 

When he dances with you

While performing the rituals

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When he bids you adieu 

The moment when he walks you down the aisle

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Some sacred candids 

When he's the most happiest 

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Seeking the warmth of his arms 

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Some light-hearted moments

No matter who enters your life, parents are irreplaceable beings! Cherish every moment with them. Tag your dads!