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Wedding Cake Dos and Don'ts Every Couple Must Keep in Mind

Anupriya Khanna, 24 Oct 2018

Planning a wedding isn't really a cake walk, and so isn't finalizing on that perfect wedding cake. With a plethora of options available in various sizes, flavors, and trending styles, it only gets all the more difficult to pick only one. Especially when each of them is as toothsome as the other. 

However, having umpteen choices is not the only problem. At times, taking too many suggestions into consideration or even ordering your cake at the last moment, takes you one step back from getting that ultimate cake of your dreams. And to ensure that you don't experience any of these glitches, we've listed here some Dos and Don'ts you must read before finalizing your Wedding Cake. Go check ‘em out and make sure you’re penning them down.

Dos for your Wedding Cake

DO taste before finally booking your cake

No matter how popular that 'XYZ' bakery is for its taste, when it comes to your wedding cake, you should always taste and test before making the final choice. Pen down those 5 best bakeries near you that make the best wedding cakes, visit them all for a tasting trial and then book the best one that you want for your wedding day. Don't just religiously go by their wedding cake album or Pinterest photographs.

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DO include a cake in your planning list

It is possible to miss out on the point of having a wedding cake on that 1000 pointer wedding planning checklist. But, no, you can't even think of not having a cake at your wedding. It is as important as the decorations of your wedding venue or even your bridal outfit for that matter. After all, what better way to embark upon this new journey than with a tall, beautifully frosted cake to cut with your significant other.

DO pay attention to the decorations of your cake

Your wedding day is no ordinary day, so your wedding cake shouldn't look like a regular one either. Which is why it is important to pay attention to its decorations. These days you have innumerable options to decorate your wedding cake with—right from fondant figurines to edible sugar paste flowers to marzipan fruits. All you've gotta do is pick what best suits your choice (and your tastebuds of course).

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Do know whether you want a 2-tier or a 3-tier cake

Another important thing that you need to take into consideration before booking your wedding cake is the quantity. Know whether a 2-tier cake will be sufficient or not. And to know that, you first need to finalize on your guest list and know the approximate number of people who'll be attending your wedding. Don't overdo or underdo the quantity of your cake.

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Do add a touch of personalization

Do you want your wedding cake to stand out from the rest? If yes, then add some personalized touches to it. You can get your initials or wedding hashtag incorporated in your cake topper. In case you have a cute love story to tell, you can ask your baker to tell it through your cake by including the couple figurines or other essential elements to it.


Don'ts for your Wedding Cake

Don't go on pleasing everyone

Deciding on your wedding cake shouldn't involve too many people. The more the suggestions, the more difficult it'll get for you to make a decision. While one would suggest for a chocolate flavor, the other would suggest a fruit or pineapple one. But you can't take all the suggestions for one single cake, so it's better you stick to your own preferences.

Don't miss out on the table settings for your cake

If you have an extravagant wedding cake but don't have the right surroundings or table settings to present it, you know you are going the wrong way. Make sure your wedding cake has an equally impressive table setting. Deck up the table with pretty lacy linen and flower petals. You can even festoon your cake cutting area with sparklers in case you want to keep the table settings to minimal and elegant.

Don't make last minute bookings

Never ever leave important things for the last minute. One of which is also booking your cake. A baker needs at least a month to plan your cake and then put it into execution. Especially when you have a theme or want some personalized touches to it, you should allow them enough time to be creative and deliver you a masterpiece cake for your special day.

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Don't stick to a cliche flavor

Well, we all have a thing for chocolate truffle and pineapple but we should not always stick to it, at least not for a day as big as your wedding. So, be experimental and try some new flavors like raspberry or caramelized banana. Tell your baker to make you taste some unique flavors and then decide on the one you love the most.


Swear by these important points and let your baker do the rest!