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15 New, Cute & Peppy Ways to Serve Drinks at your Wedding

Divya Arora, 12 Nov 2018

It’s like they say, "little things matter the most", and especially when it comes to a wedding, undoubtedly it is every quirky little piece that adds up to make a wedding outshine the rest. Apart from the eye-pleasing quirky decor, jazzy performances and oodles of entertainment, what manages to please your guests the most are the satiable food delicacies and drinks that you decide to savour your guests with. Even with themed dessertsnew-age food menu and personalized drinks brimming up, having a vast food & drinks spread are not enough. Of course, how you serve them is essential too.

With a keen eye to detail, we spotted some uber cool and cutesy ways of serving drinks at your ceremonies and we loved every concept! They are super adorable, absolutely unique and are surely gonna add that edge to your wedding. Which is why we curated a list of some perky ideas on how you can serve those appetizing drinks in a different way and have your guests swooned over in awe.

Unique & New Ways to Serve Drinks at Your Wedding

1. Drinks in small bulb bottles? Yasss!

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2. A beer canoe stuffed with ice for those chilled vibes.

3. Have shot injections because shot glasses are a passe now.

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4. Have a variety of those refreshing mocktails & punches served in huge dispenser jars!

Planned by Wedniksha, Mumbai
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5. Hanging beer buckets perfectly double up as a quirky decor element!

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6. Refreshing drinks served in miniature shopping carts. How cute!

7. Have different themed-drinks served in those cute mason jars and let the guests decide what they want.

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8. How about a bottled water cart and a drinks & snacks stand?

9. Personalize how you serve that coconut water.

Source Pink Palki

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10. A rustic beer setting with wooden drums and steel tubs.

11. Such a cute way to serve those cool drinks!

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12. Beautify those drink glasses with unique add-on elements.

13. Serve dem cocktails in those brass & steel glasses instead! (And that signage tho!)

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14. Mason jars is without a doubt an easy go-to.

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15. Have a thela maybe?


Don't forget to incorporate these cutesy ways of serving drinks to leave your guests impressed AF!