Pre-Wedding Planning

Ways to meet your future spouse

Jyoti Adhikari, 06 Oct 2014

Well even though finding your spouse/ soul mate can constantly involve cooking up new ideas nothing can beat the good old ways and by that I certainly DO NOT mean arranged marriages! Let’s get straight to it.

bstfrnd wed

Attending weddings: Yes, that my friend is one of the ways. Studies show that most couples meet during weddings! Well it doesn’t hurt to try right? And if you don’t get lucky well there’s certainly a lot of eye candy!


Blind dates:- This might sound like a bad option but trust me it’s something we should all get to experience. Even if it turns out to be a “soul stirring” experience you’ll have the wackiest stories to tell among your friends! So you’re still the star! Yes sir!!                                                                                              Let your married friends know that you’re ready to give up your single status- It obviously helps! And by that I do not mean that it’s going to take as much time as a certain Ted Mosby (How I met your mother fame). It’s worth it because you have greater chances of meeting someone with a similar mind-set. Crazy yes like your friends but aren’t those angels you call friends just adorable!!     Your workplace:- Some people might not agree but you have to realize that you spend most of your time in your workplace and chances are that you might already be friends with her/him. Don’t they say it’s always wonderful to date your best friend!

Couple having drinks

Reunions and parties:- one word ‘reunions’ and you can’t stop thinking about a certain crush whom you would constantly stalk in school or college. Who knows maybe that spark with a classmate you shared your lab with is still there maybe just maybe that person is single now and came to the party/ reunion with a similar thought!!                                                                                                                                   Join a club:- You meet like-minded souls .It could be a book club or a thing at a church anything that interests you. You get to meet new people who might interest you!  


Do something crazy :– now just hold your horses I just meant something exciting and adventurous! If you are an outdoor person like me you really need to go out there. It could be anything sky-diving, trekking, rafting, cliff diving, paragliding, just anything. Coz sometimes in life when you’re trying to discover yourself you discover another human being and that’s the whole beauty or shall I say magic of of it!

And when you do meet that certain someone remember it was me who helped you with your first step! Having said that amidst a great deal of laughter I would like you to remember to not be too critical coz as someone rightly said there is a no such thing as a perfect soul mate. He would push all your buttons , piss you off endlessly and make you face your shit but people he is the only person who would love you till the end of time !!