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Prettiest & Unique ways to Display Petals for Flower Shower at your Wedding

Medha Chawla, 09 Apr 2019

Flower Shower photos at weddings are making a loud noise these days, and rightly so! It lends great pictures and is a moment of eternal happiness when guests drench the couple with flower petals. Showering the bride and groom with fresh flower petals is also a sign of blessing them both for blissful wedlock. 

While it is of utmost importance to have picturesque and breathtaking flower shower pictures at your wedding, another aspect that must draw your attention is how to distribute the petals to the guests. There are ample of cute ways doing rounds in Indian weddings to display flower petals for guests, and they will instantly win your heart. In the times when paying attention to the tiniest details is imperative, you must not miss out on the best ways to display flower petals for at your wedding. Keep scrolling till last, you will be brimmed with freshest of ideas. And oh, don't miss out on getting them preserved them in great photographs! ;)

How to display flower petals for flower shower photos

On cutesy carts

Distribute the flower petals beautifully to your guests on these oh-so-cute tiny carts adorned with gota pankhis and pompoms.

A solely dedicated 'Flower Petal' station

Owing to the sudden popularity of flower shower photos, couples are having full-fledged stations to display and distribute the petals. Guests can easily come and grab a handful of petals to drench the couple with love (read: flowers). 

Colourful flowers in white paper cones

Paper cones are one of the easiest ways to distribute the flower petals at weddings for flower shower.

Hang the flower cones on a picturesque setup like this!

We love how it also doubles up as a great photo backdrop! 

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Brim the organic leaf plates with flower petals

Get the flower petals served to the guests in these small organic plates. This also looks so rustic.

Have a thing for fancy stuff? Check this one out!

Let these cute handpainted trucks be the carriers of flower petals at your wedding.

Source Rani Pink

Stock a big basket with pretty petals

Set a big basket full of flowers at a corner so that the guests can easily grab them when needed!

Source Pinterest

The cutting chai glasses!

Who knew the cutting chai glasses would make for a cutesy wedding detail!

Distribute the flowers in packets

How about distibuting them in customised packets?

Get the petals distributed on big green leaves

Another organic and picturesque way you can consider.

You can even serve the flower petals in vintage brass plates

Doesn't it look so pretty? Your guests will swoon too.

Have a wooden basket stacked with flower cones

We are all hearts for this one!


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