Easy Ways Of De-Stressing To Slay At Your Wedding Like A Boss

Shivani Singh, 04 Nov 2019

As your wedding closes in, the anxiety of getting everything right, down to the very last detail, starts getting to your nerves. The stress from the hectic planning is heavy, and it weighs on your shoulders like a life-sized goblin who keeps muttering all the things that could go wrong with your day. However, somewhere amongst this constant pressure of having the perfect wedding and the anxiety of ensuring everyone has a good time, you tend to forget that you must enjoy your own wedding too. But how do you de-stress with all the piling anxiety of a picture-perfect wedding?

Honestly, what’s a wedding worth if the bride herself doesn’t have fun? Skip the worry, our beautiful bride, for we have the perfect ways for you to de-stress before your ultimate wedding day. 

Ways To De-Stress Yourself Before The Wedding

1. Meditate

With so many tasks to stay on top of, it is easy to feel overwhelmed. A light session of meditation each morning or night can help clear your head and organise your mind. Meditation not only relaxes your muscles and calms your mind but also helps you centre yourself. Just close your eyes, take a deep breath and forget about your to-do list for a few minutes. 

2. Get A Massage

Now, what’s better than getting yourself a deep-tissue massage a few days before the wedding? The frequent trips to the endless galis of Chandini Chowk are bound to tense up your muscles. Getting a massage will not only relax this built-up tension but also calm your mind. The less stressed you are, both physically and mentally, the more productive you will be. 

3. Turn To Aromatherapy

We’re all well aware of the effects of deep breathing on our body. But when you add essential oils to deep and slow breathing exercises, stress just melts away. Experts say that lavender, chamomile, orange and rose are the best aroma oils to tackle stress. All you have to do is rub a drop on each palm of your hands, cup them over your nose and mouth and inhale deeply. Hold your breath and count to three, then exhale slowly. Follow this with a warm shower and you’ll experience an aromatherapy paradise.   

4. Drink Tea 

Impending weddings can cause problems to spring up every now and then. Plus the building pressure from different areas, mental, physical and emotional, is bound to cause you stress and anxiety. Drinking tea from time to time can help ease this stress as the antioxidants in various teas can calm your nerves. Our favourite picks to calming teas include chamomile, peppermint, rose, passionflower, lavender and plain green tea. Have a cup in the middle or at the end of a stressful day and you’re good to go!

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5. Take A Warm Bath With Soothing Fragrances

There’s nothing better than stepping into a warm bath with aromatic candles lit all around you right before bed. The fragrance of the scented candles and essential oil in your bath water will ease the tension in your muscles and melt away your entire day’s stress. When you indulge in a soul-soothing bath experience, you’ll find yourself sleeping like a baby afterwards without a worry on your mind.

6. Go Out For A Light Exercise

De-stressing is not only meant as an end of the day ritual. You can start your day by devoting an hour to light exercising. Exercising has positive psychological and emotional effects. So, take a walk, go for a run, or just dance around in your room. Any sort of physical movement will help generate more uplifting and stress-stabilising endorphins. Honestly, if you haven’t already upgraded your fitness regimen, then we just gave you another reason to do so. 

7. Jot Down Your Feelings

Journaling is a proven method of articulating your bottled up emotions. It helps you identify what’s bothering you, and maybe even tackle that situation in a more calm and collected manner. By pouring your feelings on a piece of paper, you’ll be able to think more clearly, and visibly minimise your stress from festering into actual anxiety about the entire wedding circus. 

8. Read

We know, it sounds boring. But we’re not asking you to read a deep novelisation of someone’s life story. You can opt to read any type of material from any genre that you find interesting. Reading a piece of writing transports you into a different world, allowing you to let go off your worries for a little while. Take some time out from your arduous planning and pick up some reading material right before you go to bed, for a stress-free, goodnight sleep. 

9. Delegate Your Work

We know you’re the bride. Your family and friends know you’re the bride. Your better half knows that you’re the bride. Basically, everyone knows you’re the bride with the responsibility of producing a flawless wedding. However, as super as you may be, you cannot handle everything. Weddings are major affairs which means you need to delegate errands to your family and friends in order to relax a little. 

10. Stay Connected With Your Fiance 

Under the pressure and stress of the upcoming wedding, it is natural to lose contact with the most important person of this entire affair- your groom-to-be. What most brides do not realise is that by staying connected to your fiance, you end up sharing your worries about the wedding functions. Squeeze in small dates, or have occasional dinners together. Talking to them can ease your pre-wedding jitters and also help you come up with solutions for certain problems. 

In the end,

There are a thousand things running through your mind as your wedding approaches. But we’re here to tell you that all this stress will render you tired and unable you to have fun on the day of your wedding. Adopt these de-stressing habits at least a few weeks in advance, so that you are relaxed, calm and ready for your big day!


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