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Want To Plan A Destination Wedding? Here Are Some Lesser Known Hacks You Must Know!

Neha Garg, 06 Jun 2016

So the Tuxedo has been packed, so has been the flowing gown. Or not, depending. There is an excitement of the unknown, romance of the unexplored and nervous, anticipative goose bumps of the impending day, that most consider among the most important days of their lives. Ever since he is asking and yessing was done with, you have been planning this destination wedding with all you have, and naturally want it to be beautiful, flawless and a day that will be cherished for years by your chosen guests and for a lifetime by you. Although a destination wedding brings up images of beautiful pristine beaches, snowy hilltops and suitably intoxicated revelers, the entire planning of it can be quite an ask. So, that considered, Here are some hacks that no one will tell you towards planning about your beautiful day on that idyllic location you have chosen with much hope.

Arrive Early


View Shaadisaga Store of Neha Brackstone Photography The couple and some key relatives must try and reach the venue earlier, maybe 2-3 days earlier, longer during weekends/ festive times. It will give you time to make last minute arrangements, make negotiations where possible, arrange and have trials done for makeup, hair etc. And prepare a plan B which you won’t hopefully need, but see, there is always a “what if”. Also, this time will help you relax and spend quality time with your ‘to be’ and the family of the ‘to be’. Any planning for destination wedding must have an allowance for an unanticipated change in weather or circumstance, Arriving early will ensure that you are not caught unawares

Carry Your Wedding Dress In The Airline Cabin 


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Image Source: Dawanda Airlines, especially to the vacation spots are notorious by their ill time keeping tend to lose/ misplace checked baggage much more than others. It is a good idea to carry the wedding gown /dress and other essential, expensive stuff in person in the airline. It is not really that difficult or expensive to do so, but if the Airline does manage to misplace / lose your baggage, it is both, and then some.

That Time Of The Year 


View Shaadisaga Store of Tuhina Chopra Photoworks So it is common knowledge that the Air fares and accommodation expenses are higher, sometimes by quite a multiple between peak and lean seasons. Try and find the “shoulder season”, somewhere in between the high price of the peak season and the lousy weather of the lean season. Since all other services are also in a direct correlation with the season, tweaking the travel dates, even, just a bit can save you boat loads of money. Just imagine what you could do with all that extra cash during the honeymoon!

Let Them Eat Cake – But You Cut An Imitated One!


View Shaadisaga Store of Neha Brackstone Photography Elaborate wedding cakes can really enhance the wedding ambience and be a talking point besides looking gorgeous in pictures, but do you really need to eat ‘that’ cake? Fake wedding cakes that have a wedge in the bottom layer that can be cut by the couple while slices from another sheet cake can be served to the guests, can save a huge amount of money, especially in the exotic destination locales where these things can be quite pricey.

Create A Wedding Website


Wedding Website: When we talk about a wedding website, there's nothing better than It helps to manage and un-complicate the things. It is a great way in which you can stay in touch with all your guests, in addition to being eco-friendly, completely customizable and real time, all the while saving yourself a lot of money and trouble. As we can see above, whereas one’s wedding, especially if planned in a destination other than the hometown/place of stay can be exciting and offer a unique experience, it is prudent to expect the unexpected and be prepared for it, by using the above simple hacks, you can ensure that some of the weak links can be taken care of, and that a little extra bit of planning can really go a long way in ensuring that your destination wedding is beautiful, different and the extreme joyous occasion that it is meant to be..

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