Every wedding season brings about something life-changing for couples. And this year, it's the Coronavirus, aka, COVID-19. 

Pre-wedding photoshoots are not just about picturesque locations and gorgeous outfits anymore. While there are a lot of couples who go over-the-top and opt for breathtaking beachy backdrops or a serene view of snow-capped mountains for their pre-wedding, nothing can beat the essence of a pre-wedding shoot that sends a message. And, now the pre-wedding photoshoot you're about to see is one that sends a message while making sure to capture the wonderful scapes that surround us. 

Introducing Vidhi & Brijesh's Safety Inspired Photoshoot

Newlyweds Vidhi and Brijesh, had their pre-wedding photoshoot before the lockdown in India had begun. It was the time when news of the virus was slowly growing and people had begun following basic protocols of safety like social distancing, wearing masks, and regular hand sanitization. With the new couple as their muse, Shade & Light Photo Studio executed this wonderful concept. With the couple dressed in finery, they took to walking around empty roads and market spaces while wearing hand-embellished face masks. The idea behind the photoshoot was more or less to generate awareness that wearing face masks is important. 

That being said, they looked fabulous not just in the ethnic outfits in the backdrop of the local market, but also the casual ones sitting in a cafe or walking down an empty road covered in the thick tree canopy. 

Go ahead and take screenshots of these phenomenal pre-wedding photos and have something completely unique and different for yourself too!

Vidhi and Brijesh's photoshoot is awe-inspiring and gives hope that the days will be better and brighter soon. Honestly, we're all waiting for life to go back to normal. We can't wait to have intimate weddings and attend them soon. We can’t wait to eat shaadi wala khanalook glamorous in lehenga and click gazillion pictures with our loved ones. But for now, it's all about staying indoors and staying safe. So, until everything goes back to normal, keep up with our wedding inspiration, and get married like this couple did in #lockdown!


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This Newlywed Couple's Photoshoot In Facemask Is Picturesque

by Shivani Singh

This Newlywed Couple's Photoshoot In Facemask Is Picturesque