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Valentine’s Day Special: 13 Romantic & Offbeat Ideas That Your Man Will Definitely Love!

Sudatta Bhattacharjee, 10 Feb 2017

The countdown to the most romantic day of the year, Feb 14th, has already begun. And with that comes the pressure of looking for the best gift along with a bit of secret planning (of how on earth can the day be made extra special!). Thoughts like "what is my guy fond of?" or "how can I spice up the day" are bound to cross your mind. We know, it’s a task and therefore, we have come up with all those romantic, cute (also very much appreciable, mind you!) and offbeat ideas that are inevitably going to make your Valentine's Day all the more special…just the way you wanted! J   

Love Letters

Present your physical testimony of love to him with a handwritten letter and a favourite candid picture of the two of you. The letter is bound to take him down memory lane.

Surprise Sipping

Take him out for beer and whiskey tasting.

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A Bag Full Of Wishes

On small pieces of chits, write down every kind of kiss or more than a kiss *wink wink* that you can think of. Then fill them in a bag and give it to your partner. Ask him to take out the chits (one-by-one) and do whatever is written on the chit.

Relive Your Old Memories

Go on a date with him to that first chai ki tapri (where you had tea and sutta) or to that place where you both had first kissed or he had gone down on his knees and proposed to you. 

Walk Down Memory Lane (The Digital Way)

Create a cute video of the two of you with a romantic song playing in the background. This will leave him smiling for years to come and remind him of your dating days.

Meat Over Sweet

Instead of mushy chocolate covered strawberries, give your fiance chocolate covered bacon (if he does not have much of a sweet tooth - give him 'meat')

Cook For Him (Or Pretend To!) 

Prepare a three-course menu or order a take-out while claiming you are the cook. You can tell him later that you cheated (not on him but with the food). 

Image Credits: Lakshya Chawla

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Get Pampered Together

Why not go for a spa together?

Ditch Him (Not Literally!)

Pretend that you are not available on Valentine's Day by creating an excuse (for example, an office trip or a family emergency) and then surprise him by being right there in front of him.

Plan A Getaway

Take charge for the night and surprise him with a special getaway together. Make the reservations and arrangements in advance.

Surprise Him

Do something you have never done before — decorating the room with candles, red hearts, vintage wine and chocolates.

Movie Marathon

Want to plan something indoors? Order his favourite pizza and play his favourite movies back-to-back.

Conventional Gifts

Gift him a Play Station set or a virtual reality headset (hottest gadget of the year); accessories like sunglasses, headphones & watches or a cologne. He will love cologne because you won't stop smelling him ;-)

Featured Image Credits: The Royal Affair

Got more sweet gestures for Valentine's Day? Share with us in the comments below!