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From trek to a garden: Unique places to get married at for a 'hatke' wedding

Medha Chawla, 15 Mar 2019

Talk about personalisation, and couples are leaving no aspect to add personalised touches to their wedding. Be it the outfits, decor or mehendi designs, it is heartening to see how couples are customising each element of their wedding. The idea is to celebrate the union of marriage in truest essence and revolve the wedding around the to-be-wed couple. For the same reason, more and more couples are swearing by the trend of intimate weddings too.

But that's not all, there are a few couples who have taken the idea of personalisation a notch above by getting married at the most unique locations. We recently came across the story of a couple who got married on the trek in attendance of only 15 guests. A trek for a wedding? This may sound bizarre but it is definitely interesting. Then, we also brought you one-of-a-kind wedding in Ladakh with the couple and baraatis on bikes. All of it made us wonder if banquets, farmhouses or the religious places (temple, gurudwara, church, etc) are the only possible wedding venues? Well, the answer was definitely a No! 

A wild run of thoughts and Internet searches, and here we present you our list of most unique places to get married.

Unique Places to get married

A garden

Garden-themed weddings are all rage, so why not get married at an actual garden? The lush green environs of a garden will lend a perfect scenic setting to tie the knot. Minimal or decked-up, you can get the open setting of a garden with anything and everything as per your likes. Right from a luxuriant resort's garden area to a public park or the garden area of your home - there are ample options. FYI, Sonam Kapoor also took vows at the garden area of her aunt's house.

A trek

All the trek lovers can take inspiration from the real couple Saumya and Sarance, who recently took the Internet by storm with their wedding photos. They both first met each other at a Himalayan trek, and 3 years later, they got married on the same trek, With an intimate guest list of only 15 people, this wedding was all about the love that bound them together. The bride wore a traditional red lehenga at her trek wedding and kept her trekking shoe game strong. Have a look at the mesmerising pictures from their wedding, that are sure to give you oodles of inspiration.


Why only limit terraces for Holi parties and birthday bashes? Bedamn the social pressure and trust a terrace to host the biggest celebration of your life. I bet you'll not be disappointed. *until it rains*. It will provide you with a lovely intimate and close-knit setup that would be perfect for the biggest celebration of your life. Simply, decorate the open space with fairy light decor to add a magical touch. You can book a terrace of a hotel or a resort if your own terrace cannot fit your guests.

Recently, a real couple from Pakistan also went viral for planning their wedding under a mere budget of 20,000. The couple took vows at their terrace which was beautifully lit up with fairy lights and bulbs.

The cold desert - Ladakh

Here's some inspiration from a yet another adventure freak couple who took vows at the Pangong Lake, Ladakh. The turquoise blue sky, snow-capped mountains and the serene backdrop of Pangong Lake, all of them came together to lend the perfect setting for Shachi and Rikhil's wedding vows. They were so smitten with the place on their first visit (a year before their marriage), that they knew that's where they would tie the knot. However, planning a wedding in Ladakh requires months of planning. All the guests need to be fit enough to visit Ladakh.

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Heartthrob Milind Soman set some major wedding goals for the nature lovers. After getting hitched in a traditional Assamese wedding, he and his wife Ankita remarried against a serene waterfall in a Spain forest. The couple had always dreamt of having a barefoot wedding in the woods in the presence of family. Symbolic of growth, positivity and new beginning, nature is definitely the perfect setup to take vows with your loved one.

A Fort

Love the historic saga that you always fantasized about, and get married at a fort. It is definitely going to be a royal start of your togetherness.

On a cruise

How about getting married on a luxe cruise trip? Get all your loved ones on board for hep wedding revelries amidst the sea.

A Greenhouse Wedding

If you always dreamt of getting married surrounded by a lot of flowers and greenery, you must consider planning your wedding at a botanical conservatory or a greenhouse. Beautiful flowers, tree-lined paths and high glass ceilings all lushed with greenery is sure to make your wedding picturesque and blissful.

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