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Unique Add-ons for your wedding

Ridham Gambhir, 17 Sep 2014

Before your D-day arrives, you go through a series of events like roka ceremony or engagement, sagan, mehandi and cocktails. How about taking a little break from this conventional wedding affair and doing something hatke? Following are few interesting add-ons to make your celebrations a relatively peppy!

1. Bachelorette Party

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  Why should boys have all the fun? Guys throw a bachelor party because they are getting hitched soon but girls aren’t you also getting married..? Then why not have a bachelorette party to celebrate your independence! Such parties can be held at exclusive lounges, clubs and plush hotel restaurants.

 girls party

2. Your wedding website


Posting your pictures on Facebook is pretty clichéd. Try something different. Get your personalized wedding website made. Have all kinds of pictures of your family, relatives, your spouse and your wedding information put up there. Let the world log on to your website to see your pictures. An example of a website which caters to your needs is You can make your personalised websites there.

3. Photographic wedding cards

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Our families love to distribute wedding cards along with Haldiram ka dabba. So why not add a little creativity to your cards. Add one of couple pictures on the cover of the card and get rid of those usual written stuff. And make sure your picture is not a passport size picture in which you are blankly staring at the camera!

4. Enter together :


Your pre-wedding events normally have the groom-to-be waiting for his maharani. This is sexist! Let’s have equality and let the couple enter together in style. The couple can either dance while entering or else the guy can pick the girl. Or simply, they can enter hand-in-hand on the rhythm of some nice music track.

5. Gifts at your mehandi ceremony :


These days people have started putting a return gifts at their mehndi ceremonies. Usually these gifts are bindis and bangles. You can surely have other options like have small boxes made which have 2-3 different ornaments placed in them or you can have potlis as your return gifts. Small beautiful decoupage boxes are also an option. For now, my mind could dig only this much! Everybody gets married then why not do it in a different style.. If Shaadisaga comes up with anything more unique, you’ll surely be updated!