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Stunning Tyre Decor Ideas for Fun & Peppy Wedding Decorations!

Medha Chawla, 31 May 2019, drapes and fairy lights are not the only wedding decoration supplies. There's so much more to wedding decor than these staples. For instance, take the case of tyres! But wait....tyres for wedding decor? matter how surprising it may sound, but what you just read is legit right!

Colourful spray-painted tyres are being used to add fun & peppy vibes to the decor, and oh-so-creatively! Especially for the day outdoor functions like Mehendi and Haldi. The thing with tyres is that they are so easy to incorporate and exude instant peppiness. Further teamed with floral bunches, these colourful tyres look even prettier. Another thing that made us fall for the tyre decor ides is that they are so DIY-able and budget-friendly. So without any further ado, let's show some of the best tyre decor ideas that we spotted. 

Fancy Tyre Decor Ideas for Weddings

1. By the poolside

Amp up your poolside decorations with spray-painted tyres spilling out marigold strings and surrounded with pinwheels.

2. Ditch the quintessential floral pots

Colourful tyres adorned with fresh blooms make for such an interesting cascading decor element to quirk up your wedding venue.

3. Cutesy additions

How about having a dainty photo-op cum corner like this by the poolside? After all, it is all in the cutesy details!

4. Tyres for tree decorations

Make the most of the venue, and don't miss out on glamming up those lush trees. One of the best ways to decorate the trees for a day function is to hang colourful tyres and adorn them with vibrant flowers.

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5. Vibrant tyres teamed with fresh flowers

Here's yet another peppy idea to decorate your wedding environs! Simply fill the colourful tyres with flowers and ferns, and assemble multiple such tyres at the venue for zesty feels. Do consider this idea if you want to DIY your decor for the Mehendi ceremony.

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6. Spray-painted tyres used as a table base

Who knew tyres could be used as the stands for tables, and look so amazing? It is one of the most popular tyre decor ideas right now!

7. Add the funkiness of tyres to the photobooths

Flowers spilling out of the colourful tyres look so pretty! And here's another way to use this quirky element for your wedding decorations.

8. When several quirky elements team up!

How gorgeous is this photobooth made with colourful bottles, tyres and of course, flowers? So pretty, isn't it?

9. Create a pristine white photobooth!

Gather a few white umbrellas and spray some tyres with white paint to create DIY-able photobooths.

10. A heap of colourful tyres

A pile of multi-hued tyres further amped mini flower pots makes for such an appealing detail to add to your wedding.

11. A quirky photobooth amped with colourful tyres

Concluding the list with this oh-so-vibrant photobooth featuring unique elements like umbrella, wheels, dreamcatchers and tyres.


What do you think about this popular trend of using tyres for wedding decorations? Tell us in the comments section below.