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Two Souls Binded Together In Love: Jessica and Akshay!

Neha Garg, 10 Sep 2015

It's been a few months since the wedding of Jessica and Akshay happened, we still can't get over how surreal it was. We are often overwhelmed with all the love that we witness in the pictures. All the fun, love and laughter are captured by 'The Cheesecake Project'

Jessica (18)   Jessica (19)

Jessica (11)

The pictures unfold here from the wedding, of the gorgeous Jessica with her love, Akshay!

Jessica (15)   Jessica (16)

Jessica (31)   Jessica (24)

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Jessica (20)   Jessica (21)

Stuti, The photographer on the couple, Jessica and Akshay Jessica was a third of a gang of girls whose wedding I photographed! She is an amazing girl, a very understanding bride and a crazy rock star. It's incredible how much she loves Akshay, and it was equally heartwarming to see his love for her :) It reflected so naturally in their pictures, the love, the warmth, all the funnies! They are an extremely funny couple! Akshay makes her laugh so often and she makes him smile through and through :) Never once did we feel burdened, and never once did it feel like an assignment. When we were at the church for their wedding ceremony, it was lovely. We all smiled and cried a little, but more than that, having a couple like them made us put our 300% in the shoot. After the wedding ceremony, they gave us lots and lots of time to shoot to our heart's content. We made couple portraits and portraits with friends to satisfy all our creative urges and to tick all the boxes and lists Jessica and I had made! The reception (dancing and more dancing) was SO much fun! They entered with a bang and that set the tone of the evening! Both Jessica and Akshay's family set fire to the dance floor! It was a room full of highly emotive people who had excellent dancing skills. We were in heaven! By the end of the night, we could only thank them for having us photograph and be a part of their big day. As photographers, we returned with some stunning shots and as people, we were just very happy that these two wonderful souls were bound together for life :)

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Jessica (14)

Awwww, they make the cutest couple, isn't it?

Jessica (28)   Jessica (30)

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Jessica (38)   Jessica (36)

Jessica (17)

This beautiful wedding cake is one of our favorite designs with flowers on it. And, how can we foresee the Mr & Mrs at the right bottom of the cake :)

Jessica (41)   Jessica (42)

Jessica (45)

Jessica (3)   Jessica (5)

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Jessica (8)   Jessica (1)

Jessica (9)   Jessica (39)   

Jessica (23)

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Photographed By: The Cheesecake Project

Wishing these gorgeous people a beautiful life together, for the best is yet to come!