Isn’t it amazing how every once in a while, one colour or the other starts trending and then we see it gets incorporated in amazing ways? One such colour which has recently gained a lot of attention is turquoise. A unique colour, it has been welcomed with open arms with bridal outfits, decor, floral jewellery and whatnot. So, if you too are intrigued about how to incorporate this hue at your real wedding, take a look at our ultimate guide which covers literally everything!

Here’s How You Can Incorporate Turquoise At Your Real Wedding

Go With This Color for Your Bridal Outfit

Brides are always on the lookout for unique and stylish colours, silhouettes and whatnot for their wedding functions. And, we think all you ladies who are set to get hitched soon, should definitely check out these amazing turquoise bridal outfits for their functions. From sultry lehengas to chic jumpsuits, we’ve managed to find you quite a lot of bridal pieces in this hue.

Turquoise Jewellery

So, pastel has been huge lately and not just in bridal outfits but even with jewelry. More and more brides have been donning drop-dead gorgeous jewelry and we were actually able to find some real brides who went with turquoise jewelry and ruled it. From turquoise floral jewelry to real turquoise jewelry, scroll below to get inspired for your real wedding.

Turquoise Decor

So we’ve seen plenty of decor options in those usual shades of oxblood, white, pink and whatnot. But, lately turquoise has taken the internet by storm when we talk about wedding decor. That’s cuz the colour is peppy, fun, and so unique. One function where this colour has been incorporated the most is mehendi so if you want something out-of-the-box yet fun, we recommend you check out these turquoise decor options!

Turquoise Hairdos

Ladies, we love a bride who gets flowers adorned on her hair for one of her wedding functions because flowers not just amp up the whole look but also add that colour that a bride needs to complete her entire look. If you’ve had your eyes on turquoise hairdos but are not sure about how to pair them, then worry not cuz we’ve managed to find some amazing turquoise hairdos that will make you look so charming on your big day!


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Turquoise Is Trending & Here's How You Can Incorporate It At Your Wedding

by Shweghna Gursahaney

Turquoise Is Trending & Here's How You Can Incorporate It At Your Wedding