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21+ Trending & Cute Ideas to Dress up your Vidaai Car

Divya Arora, 22 Nov 2018

Vidaai is one of the most emotional and intense parts of a wedding. Even with so much thought being given to the vidaai ideas or songs that could be played during a vidaai, one aspect that seems to have spiraled down is your vidaai car decor. Just like the bridal entry, we've come across a lot of new and unique vidaai ideas be it royally on a carriage or a palki or be it on fun and edgy rickshaws and bikes. But, most of us still choose the beautifully classic and old school vidaai in a gorgeously decorated car.

Now, most of us end up taking our car to a nearby florist who decorates it in the same old cliched ways. But don't you think with so much new and unique happening in every area of weddings, this part also needs our attention and love?! Well, if you second our opinion here and are tired and bored of the typical vidaai car decorations then hang onto this blog. Since the wedding season has just begun, we decided to enlist a few designs and styles for you to take ideas from to have that car spectacularly decorated. Start scrolling and bookmarking.

And obviously, these ideas are not only restricted to your vidaai cars and can be done for your entry or baraat cars too!

New ideas and styles to decorate your Vidaai Car

1. The classic all red and white rose combination is evermore!

2. Light-hued florals for a gorgeous maroon vintage.

3. Just a beautiful bunch at the front.

4. Why use just flowers when you can add sparklers as well?!

5. A classic white Ford amped up with pretty greens and pinks.

6. A super bright red and yellow affair.

7. Flowers for the lady and moustache for the man!

8. Minimalistic car decor for the not so OTT ones!

9. Sunshining in yellow, this car looks so regal.

10. Go easy on the flowers and add drapes as well.

11. Just a small rose decorated "just married" board at the back.

12. Orchids and lillies makes up for a perfect royal looking car.

13. A classic Ford done in a plethora of multi-hued hanging blooms.

14. A simplistic "just married" is sometimes enough.

15. Heavily and vibrantly decked up in a lot of florals.

16. This gorgeous beauty is so stunningly laden with a variety of blooms.

17. Yellow roses, pink orchids and greens—so beautifully different.

18. You know how to decorate that jeep of yours now!

19. Charmingly bunched florals and the basic telltale sign!

20. How about beautifying your car in mogras?

21. Huge floral arrangement in the shape of a haar.

22. Just a bunch at the front and the back is simply enough!


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