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Trending: The Enchanting Destination Weddings Will Leave You Drooling

Neha Garg, 27 May 2016

Weddings are not just a marriage of two people, but that of two families. When the bride and groom want to say their ‘I do’s’, nothing but the absolute best of celebrations will do! Indian weddings are a whole lot of fun because of all the different functions and ceremonies that pre-cede the big day. So why not make this entire experience even more special by taking the entire party to a new place? Whether you want a sun and sand filled wedding story or a quiet, rustic wedding in the hills, destination weddings are worth the effort!

So Much Like A Mini Reunion


View Shaadisaga Store of Dream Diaries School friends, cousins, and other relatives all seem to drift away into the daily life struggles like further studies, jobs, and families. A wedding is a great way to bring them all together under one roof. Other than a mini-reunion, this is an opportunity to explore a new place with all your loved-ones in attendance. With RSVP style invitations, you can ensure the number of people who will be present on your D-day!



Contrary to popular belief, destination weddings are quite affordable if they are planned and executed properly. Many resorts across the world offer complete wedding packages which include a hands-on staff, meals, and lodging for the wedding brigade. You can also ask for different living arrangements for friends who could share rooms, making it that much cheaper. Whatever happens, always ask your guests to RSVP so that you don’t over or under book rooms. Investing in wedding packages is a good idea as they are a better deal than booking individual deals. Also, hotels have their own exclusive packages which are a good bet if you plan on hosting a big guest list.

Picture Perfection


The most beautiful thing about destination weddings is a chance to get wedding pictures spread across stunning landscapes. Draped across scenic locations like sandy beaches or deep rustic valleys, you can count on some stunning pictures to remember your wedding by. A reliable camera team and a dream wardrobe is all you need to have a magnificent memorabilia ready!

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Once In A Lifetime Experience 

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View Shaadisaga Store of CoolBluez Photography A wedding is a once in a lifetime experience and one must do everything they can to make it the most special and memorable one. Getting friends and family together is a great but likely to be a chaotic experience. So getting them to know each other by way of a warm up lunch or dinner can be a great step to start with. Celebrating what may be some of the best moments of your life with the people who are closest and most important to both the bride and groom is bound to make it even more colorful and special. Exploring another location while at it is another plus!

Truly Special


View Shaadisaga Store of Neha Brackstone Photography Weddings are a way of showing the world how much your partner means to you. A beautiful landscape, a tonne of great friends and family, and a wedding party that screams ‘EXOTIC’! Call for some brochures of fabulous locales and get set about planning for your dream destination wedding! To avoid any last minute hassles, you can take a trip to the potential venue options and look through the place before locking in on any one. Of course, if you want to go international, this may not be a possible thing so a virtual tour may suffice.

A destination wedding is one of the most fun experiences to be able to boast off in this lifetime and since it is a current trend that has picked up speed, you are likely to be shown similar options to choose from. So be a little picky and look at other exclusive locations and only after you are completely satisfied with what you see, give it a go!   A destination wedding is the dream of many couples and if you are lucky enough, you can make this dream into reality!

Featured Image: Neha Brackstone Photography