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#Trending: Brides Dancing while getting ready are Jamming our Instagram feeds

Shivani Malhotra, 22 Mar 2018

Brides-to-be have taken the getting ready session to an all new level. Our Instagram feeds are flooded with lots of beautiful brides crazy dancing to Punjabi tracks and we feel there's absolutely no stopping! Their moves like jaggers are giving us some serious dancing goals. 

The craziest thing we can possibly imagine now is brides getting ready hours before the wedding and taking some time out to dance and go viral on Instagram. Damn!

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We’re absolutely falling for these dancing brides! Their phenomenal moves will make you push your chairs right away in the corner and make you dance.

Time to gander over our these‘oh-so- happy’ brides...

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Well, seems like this bride wants to level up the getting ready game a little more by doing gymnast stunts wearing choli & jeans!

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Let us know your views about this raging internet trend!