Bridal Latkan Designs that are Trending all Over the Internet!

Mallika Khurana, 08 Sep 2019

Do you want to have a perfect wedding? Make it all about perky details and you will have it! In fact, that’s what is going to make your wedding. Right from the colour of your nail paint to the size of the centrepieces on the tables, every bit of it has to be flawless! These details are even more important when it comes to your bridal outfit. The colour of your lehenga, work on the dupatta, fitting of the blouse, the jewellery, the makeup, everything has to be on point. And one such dainty element is the latkans!

Latkans are these pretty embellishments that can make your outfit look hatke! And these bitsy things aren’t available in just a handful designs. You can go minimal with tassel latkans or you can go over the top with mirrors. Because trust me, nothing can be too much bling when it’s your Shaadi. And when everything about your wedding can be personalised, why not do it to your latkans as well.

We have these NOT-TO-BE-MISSED latest latkan designs that are in trend, for you to choose your favourite(s)!     

Trending Latkans for your Bridal Outfit

1. Tassels can never go out of fashion

2. Potli latkans that oomph your pastel lehenga

3. Antique sheesha latkans for the bride who wants to go over the top

4. Beaded tassels for those intricate blouse designs

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5. Personalised latkans can make your outfit real QUIRKY!

6. Gota latkans for the extra bling!

7. Latkans of the lehenga material are classic.

8. Elephants and lotuses for the regal look!


Which latkan design did you like the most? Tell us in the comments section below.