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Trending: 10 Exciting Wedding Themes To Look Out For In 2016

Neha Garg, 10 Jun 2016

Indian weddings are hugely colorful events that are characterized by lively decor, lavish food, dazzling clothes and many other elements that make them a memorable event. With each passing year, weddings are becoming increasingly novel and unique. As we move ahead in 2016, here is a look at some of the themes that will dominate Indian weddings this year.

1. Rustic Accents


This theme is currently prevalent all across the world and India is no exception. From rustic wedding cards to the wedding attire to decorations, this theme will surely enchant your guests. The design incorporates plenty of rustic elements that add a wonderful charm to the interiors.

2. Simple and Chic


Image Credits: Bougainvilla Design Many modern Indian weddings are veering towards simplicity and minimalism. Elegance and opulence are balanced to create a new look altogether. The mantra ‘Less is More’ seems to be going down well with a lot of couples.

3. Indoor Garden


This decor is especially for summer weddings or for venues where there is no natural beauty. As the name implies, it involves creating a garden inside the banquet hall with large trees and plenty of greens and bursts of colorful flowers.

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4. Vintage 

Lavish Eyedea Wedding

Image Credits: Lavish Eyedea Wedding Vintage is back in fashion. This theme opens up a world of opportunities in decorations. Soft colors, plenty of antiques, pearls, laces and candles typically mark the decor along with some flowers to create the look you want.

5. Mughal Weddings

Photo by: Rohan Mishra Photography (

Image Credits: Rohan Mishra Photography Mughal weddings are popular in parts of Northern India for their spectacular decor and sumptuous food. This year, however, expect a rich theme to tone down to something more soft and subtle to create a charming new look.

6. Bohemian Theme 

This bold and vibrant theme is increasingly finding favor with those looking to try out something offbeat. Inject plenty of fun in your wedding with audacious shades, odd prints, stickers and banners on the wall, flower crowns and oodles of madness. While planning your theme, keep in mind, Indian weddings are not confined to one single day, but there are many family functions before the event where the groom and the bride celebrate with close friends and relatives. You can have different themes for the varied functions or carry along one single theme in each function, the choice is yours.

7. Bird Theme Designs


Image Credits: Neha Brackstone Photography This theme typically involves peacock and parrot designs. Many individuals prefer this theme to decorate their venue. It is a popular theme in India and one that will rule in 2016. Apart from the designs of the venue, the bridal dress and accessories will also incorporate the designs of the theme. The combination of elegant colors creates a stunning overall effect.

8. Fairy-tale Wedding Themes

Image Credits: Dream Diaries Grooms and brides who are looking for a unique theme can opt for fairytale wedding ideas. In this, the decor, the wedding attire, and every other small detail is replete with attractive color combinations and designs.

9. Rose Blush

Image Credits: Bhumi & Simran Photography Blush color is trending very well and it suits Indian skin tones the best. While decorating the venue, think carnations, pink roses and pink orchids, gold lace, ribbons, pink cupcakes and more. For those of you who are looking to get married in 2016 and plan to make it a remarkable event, this will surely add that wow factor to the day.

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10. Red and White Color Themes

Confetti films

Image Credits: Confetti Films Color themed decorations are nothing new, but they just get more attractive and fancier every year. A red and white color theme is great, especially for a beach wedding. Imagine the sand laden with white chairs sprinkled with red rose petals. Throw in some white candle holders, rose center-pieces, a white and red cake, and you have a stunning décor in combination with red & white. As per the experts, the secret to a successful wedding arrangements lies in the amount of preparation you are willing to invest in the details. While the decorations may look expensive, you need not spend a lot of money on the same. You can keep things low cost, yet add uniqueness to the celebrations. Spend some time researching your favorite theme and discuss at length with your wedding planner. It’s time to bid adieu to the regular "Red and gold" and "Mughal inspired" themes and try out the trending themes listed here. These are sure to make your wedding stand out from the crowd and make it a truly memorable event for all. Featured Image Credits: Tuhina Chopra Photoworks Writing Credits: Shampa Basu