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Trend Alert: Indian Brides Walking Down the Aisle With Their Parents!

Sanchita Kalra, 25 Jan 2017

While everyone will show you pretty phoolon ki chaadar ideas, nobody will discuss who can walk with you under that chaadar. Wait, what? I don’t HAVE to stand there surrounded only by my brothers and sisters?

YES! There’s a new trend in town where brides are making their grand entry with their parents!

Here's what we have seen at weddings and there’s absolutely nothing that we don’t love about it.

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Blogger Urvashi Kumar made her bridal entry holding the hands of her parents. Simply aww-dorable! 

Image Credits: Fotowalle

Two other brides also recently walked down the aisle with their fathers (A tradition followed at Christian weddings). West meets East and we love it!

Image Credits: Shiv Sharma Photography (L) and Fotowalle (R)

And this father carried the bride onto the stage the same way he got her home when she was born. *Wipes a tear

Image Credits: Dipak Studios

Doesn't this trend take back to all those childhood memories of when your parents were the ones to pick you up when you fell down...or even before that...the ones who helped you take your first steps when you were a toddler. This is certainly going to be a walk to remember!  

Featured Image Credits: Fotowalle

What do you think of this newest trend? Share your thoughts with us in comments below!