Trend Alert: Gota Jewellery for Your Mehendi (and who to buy it from!)

Sanchita Kalra, 12 Jan 2017

Floral jewellery, move over. Gota is here!

Floral jewellery has been the first choice for most brides on their Mehendi, but I, for one, was not exactly its biggest fan. Don't we already have enough floral in outfits, hairdos and invites that we could have afforded to spare bridal jewellery from the trend? And those gigantic pieces of flowers can't be used ever again! :(

So when I first spotted real brides adorning pretty pieces of gota jewellery on their Mehendis over a year ago, I hoped it would catch on soon enough. And caught up it has! These sparkly pieces of jewellery are light-weight, more reasonable than flowers and can be worn again. No wonder it's a trend that brides (and wedding guests!) have adopted readily.

What is Gota Jewellery?

Gota is a kind of metallic looking ribbon and lace typically found in shades of golden, silver and copper. This ribbon/lace is sewn in a way to create maang tikkas, earrings, necklaces and other pieces of jewellery. And now that gota jewellery has become a craze for offbeat mehendi jewellery, it's also being combined with pom poms, pearls and mirror work!

Image Credits: Sid Wedding Photos

Image Credits: Dot Dusk studios

5 Ways To Wear Gota Jewellery

→ Necklace

→ Maang tikka and matha patti

→ Earrings

→ Haathphool

→ Armlet

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Image Credits: Dipak Studios

From Where to Buy Gota Jewellery

→ Raasha Gota Jewellery in Delhi/Ludhiana

→ Floral Art in Mumbai

→ Barkaat Atelier in Hyderabad

→ You can also buy on

Featured Image Courtesy: Fotowalle

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Will you wear gota jewellery on your Mehendi? Tell us in comments below!