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Top 8 Ways To Make Your Honeymoon Unforgettable

Ridham Gambhir, 22 Sep 2014


That one romantic *cough* *cough* trip that your entire family insists upon and is too excited to send you for, is your honeymoon trip. The ultimate mission of this trip is to provide the couple some lone time after the hectic wedding events and rituals. Traditionally, honeymoon meant packing your bags with clothes (which you might not wear in front of your family) and off you go to some luxurious hotel to stay in that four-walled bedroom and probably enjoy a candle-light dinner with a free cake from the hotel. However, now new trends have emerged wherein the couple gets to experience some thrill, adventure and ecstasy- all wrapped with bunch of romance. So let’s look at some latest romantic ideas which some of you might want to definitely experience... #1. Hot Air Balloons hot air ballon

Ok. We have watched this in some of our movies where a guy takes a girl in a hot air balloon and proposes her at the time of sunset. This cinematic romantic idea is preferred by many and can be experienced at places like Orlando, Tuscany, Africa, Australia and many more. So if you want to look at the world with a bird’s eye view, then this is what you should go for. #2.Overwater Villas/Bungalows hm1
Google an overwater villa. It takes only a single picture to fall in love with it. To live in a plush villa surrounded by the serenity of water surely sounds romantic. Not just that, water sports are also inclusive of this package. These villas are found in Thailand, Bora Bora, Maldives, Malaysia and Philippines. #3.Destination wedding cum honeymoon hm3
How about getting married at an exotic place and spending your honeymoon at the same place? Of course it cut downs on your expense but also gives you a chance to have your near and dear with you on your special trip. Places like Kerala, Carribean, Mexico, Goa, Maldives, Europe and many more are amazing places to celebrate your destination wedding. #4.Picnic on the peak PicnicPeak8

This is a private excursion that many newly-weds are taking up. A helicopter flies you to a secluded area like an island or a plain patch of land, surrounded by mountains with a radio to contact the helicopter and a nice sumptuous picnic basket so that you enjoy the beautiful view with your better-half and after you are done with your thrilling experience, the helicopter will be back at your service. #5.The town with no roads

This might be a rare option for our honeymooners so pay attention! A place called Giethoorn in Holland is known to have absolutely no roads and is connected through waterways. People hire boats to move around to enjoy nature at full length. So if you do not want city noises to bother you, then this can surely be an option for you. #6.Treehouse hm8

To witness sleep, embedded in nature’s lap, under the stars in a full moon light with your loved one then its surely a worthwhile experience. Treehouse gives you a perfect exposure to nature while providing luxury at the same time. These can be found in places like Beho Beho, Jaipur and Jamaica. #7.Beach Beds


Having a beach bed with the best linen and privacy in the tranquillity of a beach sounds wonderful. Such beach beds are placed in a secluded area so that the couple enjoys privacy and is regularly facilitated with different kinds of food and drinks. #8. Adventure sports


For a change, if you need a break from those romantic experiences, then adventure sports like para gliding, deep sea diving, river rafting etc. may come to your rescue.