From hanging in the air cakes and huge roof touching cakes to upside down floor touching cakes for that matter, wedding cake trends in Indian weddings have been screaming newness for a while now. Leaving little to our imagination with constantly evolving styles, the latest wedding cake designs are more about incorporating cake as an element that takes the wedding a notch higher!

That being said, the charm of small gorgeous wedding cakes is still unparalleled and there ain't no match for these cutesy scrumptious wedding cakes. Be it for a home wedding, a pre-wedding ceremony or an intimate wedding, small wedding cakes are a perfect choice and you shouldn't think twice before booking one. Believe us, amidst all those fancy & OTT wedding cakes we came across small ones outshining them spectacularly.

Check out these trendiest small wedding cake designs and bookmark your favorites!

Exquisite Small Cake Designs for your Wedding

1. A gorgeous white cake with huge white and black flowers sparkling with a dash of gold.

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2. A subtly sweet yellow hued cake with pink florals matching up with the decor.

3. A sizzlng golden cake amped up with alternate striped tiers & roses.

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4. A stunning white and green shaded cake with white roses & green leaves for the perfect rustic feels.

5. A simplistic white patterned cake with gold ribbons.

6. A scintillating baby pink wedding cake especially curated for a Sakura themed engagement! (heart eyes)

7. A minimalistic white cake with faux drapes and red roses.

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8. Sonam Kapoor's mouth-watering wedding cake with a customized funny cake top accessorized with genda phools.

9. The all white cakes beautified with a bunch of florals atop!

10. An elegant wedding cake design with beautiful textures, pearl detailings, edible roses & a feather!

11. A heavenly looking nude cake with pretty flowers. What a beauty!

12. A low-rise four-tiered cake with edible beads & a personalized hashtag cake top.

13. And who says suspended cakes ought to be huge? This three tiered cake heavely decked up with edible flowers is a sight to behold!

14. A light pink cake with wine flowers & golden leaves make up for such a unique color combination.

15. An elegantly patterened white cake with matching blooms!

16. Such an offbeat wedding cake in hues of black and gold.

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17. A three-tiered cake on a stand heavely adorned with spiralling floral garlands in pastel hues.

18. A simple white cake with golden details and white roses!

19. We love how golden beads, faux drape detailing and flowers make this white cake a stunner!

20. A minimalistic two-tiered nude cake with flower decoration.

21. A pretty three tiered dripping cake!


Inspired to splurge on a gorgeous little cake on your wedding?

Top 21 Small but Exquisite Wedding Cake Designs for your Big Day

by Divya Arora

Top 21 Small but Exquisite Wedding Cake Designs for your Big Day