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Top 20 Candid Wedding Photographers In Mumbai 2016 | Go Click-Click With Your Favourite One!

Sudatta Bhattacharjee, 09 Nov 2016

Nothing lasts forever and this is a universal rule. But you can always preserve the memories and have your share of smiles and laughter captured in photographs for the years to follow. And especially when it comes the most awaited day for your life—your wedding—nobody does it better than our photographers. From clicking those moments of nervousness to happy faces to those naughty winks in between – all flashes when recapped form an essential part of your wedding.

So whether you have your wedding knocking right at the door or you are gearing up for it, simply go through our top 20 candid wedding photographers Mumbai list.




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Aniket, an MBA by academics, is a candid and contemporary wedding photographer who also seeks a lot of interest in travel photography. He strongly believes that there is life in every moment. His work talks about all those candid little moments in and around a wedding house with a lot of style and aura.
Candid Photography Price: 60,000/- (per day)




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With more than five years of experience behind the lenses, Anoop Padalkar is quite a popular name in the industry. His in-depth knowledge of rituals makes him capture every shot perfectly. From every laugh to every tear, providing you with unforgettable memories is the sole objective of this young photographer.
Candid Photography Price: 1.50 Lakhs (per day)

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aviraj-saluja-2 aviraj-saluja

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If you have always had a dream to have your wedding captured like no other, simply save the date with Aviraj Saluja. Initially a marketing and business development guy, Aviraj soon changed his passion for people into an art and a vocation. With an experience of more than 100 weddings in about half a dozen countries worldwide and a very dedicated team to depend on, Aviraj has the potential of covering weddings of any scale.
Candid Photography Price: Price on request




View Burn Pixels ShaadiSaga Profile

Barnali is a travel, lifestyle, documentary, wedding photographer and also the creator of Burn Pixels Photography.  She teams up with you to come up with unusual yet wonderful pictures that reflect the emotions. Her USP lies in capturing the beauty of the details and the spontaneity of the moment.
Candid Photography Price: 80,000/- (per day)




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Award winning husband–wife photographer duo, Amit and Kanchan have a strong background in visual art. Kanchan acquired her videography skills during her filmmaking training in Hollywood whereas Amit learnt his shutterbug skills through years of working fronts of Animation Filmmaking. They have shot over 200 weddings at various locations in South East Asia.
Candid Photography Price: 75,000/- (per day)




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Kartik Bhagat, the chief photographer at Dream Diaries gave up his engineering job to follow his heart. In the pursuit of preserving and making everybody’s dream wedding experience unforgettable and enjoyable, he goes by the motto, “Blend, Have Fun and be Candid”. Having shot over 150 weddings so far, Kartik has shot in almost every state of India and across the world at locations such as Dubai, Mauritius, Thailand, Madrid, Canary Islands and Paris.
Candid Photography Price: 1 lakh (per day)


fotografia9-2 fotografia9-3

View Fotografia9 ShaadiSaga Profile

The creative team of Fotografia9 are a bunch of passionate wedding professionals who create portraits and eye-catching images for the couples. The team is widely recognised for their work and have been included in the list of ‘Best Wedding Photographers in India’ by Wedding Photography Select UK and across multiple media sources.
Candid Photography Price: 75,000/- (per day)


jodi-clickers-3 jodi-clickers

View Jodi Clickers ShaadiSaga Profile

This goes out to all the people who prefer to have a hassle and stress-free vibe during their wedding shoots- if you are one of them, Jodi Clickers should undoubtedly be your first choice. They specialise in candid, contemporary, documentary, portrait and traditional style of photography.
Candid Photography Price: 70,000/- (per day)


knotty-affair-2 knotty-affair

View Knotty Affair by Namit & Vipul ShaadiSaga Profile

Namit Narlawar and Vipul Sangilkar are both computer engineers but it was their passion for photography that drove the duo towards photography. Their photography is all about preserving memories by capturing those rare moments and presenting them in a way they look at them.
Candid Photography Price: 80,000/- (per day)


neha-brackstone-2 neha-brackstone

View Neha Brackstone Profile

Neha was pursuing her master's degree in HR when she discovered her love for photography. Now she has over five years of experience all over India and destinations such as UK, Italy, Thailand. Her style of photography can be described as contemporary.
Candid Photography Price: 75,000/- (per day)


reels-and-frames-2 reels-and-frames-3

View Reels And Frames ShaadiSaga Profile

The co-founder, Anand Rathi, who was a corporate finance man and pursued photography as a weekend exertion soon realised that nothing satisfies the inner artist in him better than photography. Anand has shot weddings all over the country and abroad for about five years and specialises in candid, contemporary, documentary and traditional photography.
Candid Photography Price: 3 Lakhs (per day)




View Richa Kashelkar ShaadiSaga Profile

Richa is an architect turned self-taught photographer who has been documenting for more than six years now. She specialises in candid, contemporary, documentary, portrait and mainly shoots with her husband, Pavan.
Candid Photography Price: 1.30 Lakhs (per day)




View Romesh Dhamija ShaadiSaga Profile

Romesh Dhamija Productions believes in capturing and creating lifetime memories. They are a team of energetic photographers and cinematographers who travel all over the world in search of candid moments and cinematic wedding films. They specialise in destination weddings and their photography style is candid, contemporary and portrait.
Candid Photography Price: 70,000/- (per day)


the-cheesecake-project-3 the-cheesecake-project-5

View The Cheesecake Project ShaadiSaga Profile

The Cheesecake Project is the sole invention of Stuti Sakhalkar Dasgupta who was earlier a marketing and TV professional. Stuti makes sure that all her clients get comfy with not only the camera but also with the entire team before the wedding by indulging them in a couple portrait session. Her photography style is very personal; she specialises in making ‘behind the scene’ portraits with the bride, groom and their families.
Candid Photography Price: 50,000/- (per day)


the-lightsmiths-3 the-lightsmiths

The Lightsmiths is the creation of Rahul and Vibhuti who gave up their busy corporate lives to pursue their shared passion for photography. They specialise in candid photography and wedding films and have been shooting weddings all over India and abroad for over three years now. They also customise packages according to the needs of the clients.
Candid Photography Price: 1.20 Lakhs (per day)

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View The Photo Diary ShaadiSaga Profile

The credit goes to Monisha Ajgaonkar who has over 8 years of experience in the photography field for coming up with The Photo Diary. Her style of capturing breathtaking images with finesse, attention to every detail that makes her weave beautiful stories is her USP that not many can match up to. She specialises not only in candid photography but is also an expert when it comes to creating funny wedding videos.
Candid Photography Price: 1 Lakh (per day)

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View The Wedding Salad ShaadiSaga Profile

Co-founded by Aayushi Sachdeva and Kanishka Sonthalia, The Wedding Salad has shot over 75 weddings and travelled across countries for weddings. Candid photography is undoubtedly their forte but they are also happy clicking save-the-dates, pre-bridal, engagement, pre and post wedding shoots, traditional photography and customised albums.
Candid Photography Price: 80,000/- (per day)




View Strange Sadhu ShaadiSaga Profile

Strange Sadhu believes in capturing pictures that showcase a mixture of emotions and colours. The company mostly draws its inspiration from the wacky, fun side of weddings and garnishes its work with a little sentiment as well. They also like to keep most of their shots candid.
Candid Photography Price: 50,000/- (per day)





View WhatKnot ShaadiSaga Profile

WhatKnot was co-founded by two MBA graduates, Aditya and Aditya (yes, the duo have identical first names) after slogging in the corporate world. They specialise in candid and contemporary photography.
Candid Photography Price: 75,000/- (per day)




View WeddingNama ShaadiSaga Profile

The husband and wife duo, Akash Agarwal and Ankita Asthana, are the faces behind Wedding Nama who are always exploring fresh innovative ways to capture and tell stories. Akash's style of shooting is more documentary while Ankita’s style is more interactive. Starting from luxurious wedding photography, destination weddings as well as cinematography, they shoot everything wedding.
Candid Photography Price: 2 lakhs (per day)

PS: The list is in alphabetical order because we just could not rank the best ones from our favourite lot! Also, don't forget to go through our Delhi & Bangalore list.