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Top 10 Things That A Bride-To-Be Thinks About Constantly

Priyanka Wasan, 14 Aug 2014

Aand you’re just about to reach the end of your bachelorhood. It’s been quite a journey- crazy times with your chuddi buddies, sleepovers, random outstation trips, bitter sweet memories of your school/college days, the times when you weren't answerable to anyone! Yes, it’s all coming to an end-you’re starting another phase of your life-whether good or bad, but completely different. You’ve got all sorts of apprehensions going through your mind-I’ll have to live with a boy! I’m going to have a mother in law! I’ll have to cook! I’ll have to go grocery shopping as old auntyjis do! Although, I’m not married and haven’t gone through any of this myself but here I’m trying to imagine what would be going through an indian girl’s mind, once her wedding date is set.

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#1 I’m fat!  My best friend who is 5’3 and weighs 38kgs still goes crazy looking for the perfect lehenga which doesn’t make her look ‘fat’! This by far is the most common among brides-to-be, suddenly even the thinnest girl on the planet would start surviving on ghas poos and signs up for the gym membership.

am i fat

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#2 Where are you sending me? I don’t want to leave my room! “This is my room and you can’t take it away from me!” is what she constantly keeps repeating to every member of the family (including her dog), while her siblings are ecstatic about the fact that they’ll get her room and have already started making a list of things that they can do with her room. giphy room

#3 Shopping This is the only silver lining to the entire big fat indian wedding-she’ll get to do something that she loves doing! She’ll eat, breathe, drink new clothes! Thank you god for inventing raw silk and heels! giphy shop confessions

#4 I need to learn how to make aloo-gobhi From being treated like a princess with her favourite food served on the table-learning to make aloo gobhi, after being persistently forced by her mother-such is life dearies! giphy aloo gobhi

#5 I’ll have to live with a boy! Eww! “You think my brother’s dirty smelly socks weren’t enough to last me a lifetime?” is something she’ll keep wondering. giphy eww

#6 Freedom! Woot woot! Finally something to look forward to! Late night parties and no 10 pm deadlines-here she comes! giphy party freedom

#7 I will have two mummies now! When handling one becomes difficult- imagine having two of them! Double the fun! giphy mummy

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#8 I need to watch my tongue! Yes, cracking random non-veg jokes or sarcasm filled replies will need to be checked! giphy sarcasm

#9 Social gatherings- yawn!

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While attending her own family dinners and making polite nonsensical conversation wasn’t good enough, just multiply that into 2 and yawn away to glory! giphy-yawnn

#10 Miss perfect! From bidding adieu to staying in your pajamas all day and being lazy about your unthreaded eyebrows to being expected to know how to wear perfectly draped saris and not a hair out ofplace-tough days ahead! Sigh..

giphy perfect