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Neha Garg, 16 Mar 2015

Our Culture, Our Pride..

Let’s have a look at our different Brides!

Be it North, South, East or West. Everybody loves Wedding! It is a time of celebration, laughter, dance, music and brimming love. When in India, you step across one state from the other, you don’t just cross a border, you enter a sphere of a new culture, tradition and what not. Let’s have a look at the various brides across different states of India.

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Punjabi Bride

A Punjabi bride generally wears a red color attire with a chudha and dangling kaliras. Her arms and feet are hennaed along with small accessories like payal, nath and tikka. '

punjabi avnish

Avnish says, Vanessa is the coolest bride, he has ever met :)

Image Credit: Avnish Dhoundiyal

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Punjabi Rishabh]

Image Credit: Rishabh Sood

Bengali Bride

Clad in hues of red and golden, a Bengali bride wears a mukut on her head with red and white dots painted on her forehead and extending to the chin. With a red bindi andalta on her hands and feet, a Bengali bride looks no less than a goddess. Talking about this, doesn’t Paro of Devdas come to your mind?

bengali abhishek

Our Bengali Bride Laboni On Her Wedding Day!

Image Credit: Abhishek Sarkar 

bengali fotocult

Image Credit: Fotocult

Maharashtrian Bride

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A Maharashtran Bride unlike the other brides is usually clad in green and yellow color. Mundavalya, a unisex ornament is worn by the groom as well as the bride. It is a string of pearl tied horizontally across the forehead from the temple. Maharashtran chudha consists of green glass bangles, symbolizing fertility and are worn in odd number and different number in both hands. The nath too is an important jewel of this bride, made of Basra Moti, a rare stone to find.

Maharashtra 3

Image Credit: Amour Affairs

tamil amouraffairs

Image Credit: Amour Affairs

Rajasthani Bride

A bride in Rajasthan, wears a red colored ghaghra-chunni with a lot of gotta-patti work. Bridal jewelry in Rajasthan includes Maang tikka, nathani, haathphool, baajubandh and meenabutti. Kundan rings and chudha which consists of ivory and gold bangles too are an important element in Rajasthani bridal jewelry. . If you’ve seen Jodha Akbar, you know what I am talking about!


Image Credit: Abhishek Sarkar

Kumaoni Bride

Kumaon is a blend of influences from the native population as well as from the immigrants to this region. The Kumaon Bride stands apart for wearing a very huge nose ring at the marriage ceremonies, especially at her wedding day. The nose ring can even be bigger than you see in the picture below!! (yes, I am not kidding)

rajasthani sandhya avnish

Look at the size of Sandhya's (Bride) Nose Ring!

Image Credit: Avnish Dhoundiyal

Kashmiri Bride

With the traditional lehenga, a Kashmiri bride also wears a Kalpush, a cap folded 3-4 times lined with cotton inside. Over this Kalpush, a white colored cloth, Zoojh is wrapped in layers and together this entire piece is called Tarang. Dejharooor the gold pendants in gold chain hanging down through the holes in ear lobes are a classic Kashmiri ornament. Remember Nargis Fakhri from Rockstar movie?


Christian Bride

In contrast to every other bride, a Christian Bride dons a white colored gown on her D-day. The white color signifies a wife’s purity in heart and life, and in reverence to God. Also, it is in adherence to the righteousness of Christ as described in Revelation 19:7-8. With the white gown, the bride has a veil and sometimes a tiara too. Her body represents the temple of Christ and the groom symbolizes the High Priest.


Image Credit:  Arjun Kartha Photography


Image  Credit: Arjun Kartha Photography

Muslim Bride

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A typical Muslim bride wears green, golden and red colored gharara or a. sharara The dupatta with its heavy embroidery is set low on the head. The jewelry consists of gold and kundan. An important heads accessory is the pasa, usually tucked on the left side of the head along with the maang-tikka.

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Tamil Bride

A Tamil bride wears a Kanjeevaramsaree in Madisar style. These sarees have a thick border with the color combination of green, red, yellow and maroon.  These brides are heavily bejewelled with flowers and gold. Their bridal jewelry includes Oddiyanam- a waist band to keep the saree in place, a Nethi and other hair accessories.

south ArjunKartha

Image Credit: Arjun Kartha Photography

Malyali Bride


A Malyali bride dons a white silk saree with a heavy golden border as her bridal attire. She wears necklaces of varying lengths with the shortest being a choker necklace around her neck and the longest reaching till her waist. In her ears, she wears a chunky jhumka or an earring with some contemporary design. A lot of bangles adorn her hands and a gold waist chain is used to cinch the waist. Her hair are either braided or tied-up in a bun with dense flower adorned on it.

Telugu Bride

Telugu culture entails a lot of simplicity in on the whole wedding culture. The Telugu bride is the center of attention of a wedding, who is dressed very simply. As for her make-up, hair-do, jewelry, and costume are very rich and elegant, thus, the facial make-up necessitates to be very light to prevent a very flashy, loud and over the top look.


Bride: Shikha Mehra

Image Credit: Avnish Dhoundiyal

south avnish

Shikha Mehra, the Pretty Telugu Bride, dancing on the beats of Dhol played by her loving and doting husband!

Image Credit: Avnish Dhoundiyal

Gujrati Bride

A Gujrati bride wears a Panetar, a white saree with a red bandhini border and a Gharchola, bandhini saree in red colour with ethnic motifs embroidered in the center.  She is decked in gold or diamond jewelry with a dupatta on her bun. Other accessories like bajuband, nath, rings and payal are part of her wedding attire.

Gujrati preach art

Image Credit: Preach Art

Sweta Patel Gujrati

Image Credit: Preach Art

Have a look at some of our own celebrities, who once donned those styles:


Story Credit: Ridham Gambhir