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To Spend Or Not To Spend? How Will GST Affect Your Wedding

Hitarthi Wadhwa, 08 Jul 2017

 As the nation gears up for a bumpy ride of welcoming in the most revolutionary tax reform, we are sure you’d be getting jitters about how it will affect your weeks and months of wedding preparations. Keep it all calm as we are right here to get your worries all sorted out.

Clothes and Apparel

To all the to be brides, there is a good news knocking your doors! The new GST reforms will keep your trousseau shopping fairly easy. You will be taxed only 12 percent on apparel above INR 1000. So, go out and plunge onto your favourite pastel colour lehenga or a saree you had been eyeing on since forever!


The government has decided to charge 18 percent on footwear above INR 500, which means you will have to shell out more whenever you think of buying your favourite accessory. So shop wisely. Tip: Comfort is all you want while walking down the aisle. Also, if they burn a hole in your pocket, go for your old ones as they are tried, tested and comfy!

Gold Jewellery

Gold and Indians. They always share a glorious relationship with each other. It can be a tedious task to distance them from their old age history. Now it will be taxed @ 3 percent instead of 1.8 which was earlier. Alternative: Although the difference isn’t much if it still burns your pocket, artificial jewellery is what we’d recommend.

Makeup and Beauty Services

The wellness and beauty industry might just send you flutters all the way! The burden is all set to gradually grow on your budget. You might have to shell out 28 percent tax for all your bridal cosmetic needs. So, make sure you check with them before making all your final appointments! Tip: Instead of walking down to a high-end salon, visit your local nearby parlour

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Catering services

The food industry just got good to you. Since the price of food grains and other edible items will attract fewer taxes, feel relieved as you can try and negotiate with your caterer so as to charge you less.

Food and Drinks

You might just not be happy hearing the fact that dining in luxurious hotels got highly expensive. 28 percent tax is what you will have to shell out for this service industry. Also, since alcohol and other drinks aren’t included in the platter of GST, the industry’s input costs are expected to rise.


Every wedding feels incomplete without the grandness of its venue. But your dreams might get a bit shaken. There will be a 28 percent tax applicable from now on. Tip: Explore all the venues you like and finalise the one which comes under your pocket!


If you have been dreaming of an international destination wedding, then you might have to rethink it a bit! Your budget may just dwindle hearing the 10 + percent tax on these air services. Alternative: The good news is that domestic travel will surely overlook a boost in their prices reducing. Try for domestic options which can also give a tough competition to an overseas destination for flying and making your guests happy.

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Courier Services

Wedding invites and favours are an essential part of all wedding preparations. How can anyone miss out on them? But you will have to find alternatives as the current service tax applied on this service industry is 18 percent. Tip: Go for e-invites. They are a much cheaper option. They will save your overall cost and time of sending to each guest.

Photography Services

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Memories, memories and memories! This is all what you and your love will cherish for a lifetime. But, eeks! They will also get a bit dearer since the government has decided to put on 18 percent tax on such services. Alternative: No couple would like to slash them from their wedding preparations. So, in order for the camera to love you as much, go for photography vendors that fit your budget!

So, are you GST ready?