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11 Simple Tips to Get Bridal Portraits Looking Like a Million Bucks!

Anupriya Khanna, 13 Sep 2019

Every bride wants to look the best version of herself in her bridal portraits. And why not? They constitute a major part in the wedding album. And while skimming through gazillion portfolios to get the best photographer on board is totally worth the time and effort you put. But there’s so much more to it! At times the poses that the photographer suggests you just don’t appear as eye-pleasing as you had imagined them to be. In fact, he or she even has little knowledge about which profile works the best for you until you’ve communicated it all beforehand.

So to put your worries to rest & give you a sigh of relief, we’ve put together some easy and helpful tips to get some amazing bridal portraits on your wedding day. Pay some serious attention to these & you won’t be done flipping through your shaadi ki album only to stop and gaze some more at your intriguing shots.

Quick Guide for Brides to get better Bridal Portraits

1. Stay your candid best!

Want to get great bridal portraits on your wedding day? The first and foremost mantra you've gotta swear by is being as candid as possible. Those raw emotions and real happiness will automatically show on your face and that's all that really matters. So just be yourself. But if it still doesn't go well for you, plandids can also be a great option.

2. Know about the poses

Before you jump into anything, ensure you're well-versed with the different kinds of solo bridal poses. Once you're familiar with the various types like the mandatory getting ready pose, the fun twirling pose, the flaunting your baubles pose and all the others, make a list of poses you would want to strike on your wedding and later incorporate in your album.

3. Just be confident!

This one is for all the camera-shy brides out there. It is obvious to feel those jitters at a day so big as your wedding but you've gotta keep them at rest. And the best way to do that is by being exactly who you are in real. Just keep calm and enjoy feeling like a diva in that mesmerizing outfit and all that bridal glory. Trust us, it works like crazy! 

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4. Flaunt your best side

Whether it's your left profile or the right one, your photographer may not know which one works the best for you. Which is why it is always best to communicate him or her about the same beforehand. Also, take note of all the poses that accentuate your best side and do share it with your photographer. 

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5. Use props

Another secret to getting good enough bridal portraits is adding some fun and quirky props to your composition. We have seen a lot of brides incorporating uber-cool props like feather boas, floral bouquets, coffee mugs, personalized phone covers, bridal robes and so much more. Make it a point you're equipping your favourites already!

6. Play around with your bridal lehenga

Your bridal lehenga is indeed one of the most attention-grabbing elements of your wedding day look and you can't not highlight it in your bridal portraits. Do everything possible to give it the due limelight. Twirl around, play with the lehenga tassels or make the best use of the veil to get that picture-perfect shot. You can even ask the photographer to click some intriguing shots while you're getting ready in your bridal room.

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7. Let your makeup & hairstyle do the talking 

After the bridal lehenga, your makeup and hairstyle are the next two important things that can help you get your bridal portrait on point. So firstly, invest in a great makeup artist & hairstylist who manage to give you a flawless face & and an even better hairstyle.

Secondly, ask your photographer to photograph it with as much finesse! Whether it's while you're getting your lip colour applied or while you get that last baby's breath twig inserted in your floral bun or when you're all ready, let the shutterbugs capture it all. After all, every detail is important.

8. Smile, but don't overdo!

It only takes a smile to make someone fall madly in love with you. And also to get great bridal photos! So smile more often while you're being photographed. But also make it a point you don't get too cheeky and posey. Let it be a natural smile and not too forced. This is one of the most fool-proof tricks that always works.

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9. Give your photographer enough creative freedom

While you already have your list of preferred shots & poses prepared, make sure you're letting your photographer experiment too. With years of experience in his or her kitty, He or she may not only have a knack for clicking super amazing photos but also know what is in trend and what is not. So feel free to let them experiment to some extent and cast a spell with their creative minds.

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10. Ask someone to tag along for the shoot

With so much to take at one go, right from putting together your look right, getting the makeup on fleek and also deal with all that anxiety & nervousness yet not let it show in the camera,  you might need someone to help you ease up and give your best shot.

They can assist you with the poses, touch up your makeup if needed and tell you whenever it's looking awkward on the camera. So, it's always a win-win to have someone around who can be of help. However, make sure he or she let the photographer do his job and not act as a hindrance.

11. Don't forget to add some extra quirk & sass

If you don't want your wedding album to be all about those coy bridal portraits, just sprinkle a tad bit of sass & quirk to it and you're done. Think out of the box and try unique poses. If you're a fitness freak you can go about posing in a plank position or while sitting in your favourite squat position. 


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