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Best Tips for Brides to Avoid Having a Heavy Head on the D-day

Medha Chawla, 17 Jun 2019

A lot of you girls would relate that even tying your hair into a ponytail or a bun leads to splitting headaches. But what do you do when you are the bride who has to carry a bridal dupatta, a fancy bridal hairstyle, and a heavy maangtikka or maatha patti—all of it on the head! Well, it is a harrowing ordeal most Indian brides go through. Imagine dealing with a severe headache and being bogged down by the heavy weight of your head accessories at your wedding and still being forced to smile, because it's your wedding! Sounds tough, right? But no more! Here I jot down some important tips you must remember to avoid having a heavy head on the D-day.

Set aside the excitement of rocking the bridal look for a while and consider these practical tips to stay stane at your wedding. As a bride, your heart is obviously gonna be heavy on the D-day but your head should not be!

Tips to keep your head lighter on the D-day

- Opt for a Light Dupatta on the head

If you are planning to wear a dupatta on your head on the D-day (which most brides do), make sure your dupatta is light-weighted. The dupatta on your head and especially its borders should not be embellished with heavy work and embroideries. Otherwise, it will bog you down with its weight. Moreover, the fabric of the veil dupatta should be light like chiffon, net, georgette, etc. Avoid heavy fabrics like silk and organza.

- Open Hairstyle

If tying your hair into a bun gives you headaches, then you must consider keeping your hair open on the D-day. A bridal bun means gobs of hairpins bunched on your head, which is further sure to make you feel a heavy head. And hey, open hair looks equally good on the wedding day, especially if you have short or medium length hair. The brides with long hair can consider a loosely tied braid or half-tied hairstyle that will hide under your dupatta and keep your head lighter at the same time.

- Avoid Hair extensions

The idea is to devoid your head from any sort of extra weight. So yeah, you must also avoid hair extensions if you are concerned about having to deal with a heavy head on the wedding day.

- Ditch a heavy floral bun

While it is a good idea to ditch a hair bun at all but if you want to have one while keeping your head sane, then say a big NO to a heavy floral bun

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- Go light on head jewellery

It is hard to resist the ethereal charm of oversized maang tikkas and matha pattis, but it is also true that they bog you down with heavy weight. So, it is better to pick minimal designs. Or else try looking for elaborate yet lightweight jewel designs.

- Don't attach the dupatta on the bun but secure it on the head

The placement of your dupatta is another element that matters a lot. The dupatta must be set on the top of your head. Don't do the mistake of tucking it along with your bun. The lower the dupatta is attached, the heavier you are likely to feel.

Pro tips by Bridal Makeup Artist, Shruti Sharma

We also got in touch with Bridal Makeup Artist, Shruti Sharma and she shared some more do-able tips that will help you have a lighter head on the wedding day. 

  • Don't totally ignore the floral adornments. Adorn your bridal hair with light flowers like baby breaths and carnations instead of heavy flowers like roses and lilies.
  • Hold your veil with your hands from both the sides while walking down the aisle. Because when you are walking is when you feel the maximum weight, but as you hold it with your hands, the weight subsids. Also, it prevents your dupatta from getting displaced.
  • Ask your hairstylist to avoid stuffing in your head with faux donuts and puffs.

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