We know how the thought of having those super adorable and beautiful wedding photos and videos that you're going to reminisce over for years to come gets you super excited. Booking a photographer and bookmarking various photo ideas is something that you all probably start indulging into as soon as your wedding is announced. Because let's face it, wedding photos and videos capturing the truest essence of the wedding is what we all want and we're all up for posing and getting clicked.

Having said that, there are a few people out there who even though desire the same, they're yet a bit in a dreaded state simply because they're camera shy or camera conscious. Getting in front of the camera and posing makes them anxious and stressed. And this blog is especially for such couples. We understand how tricky it gets for you guys to keep up with posing a lot during your pre-wedding and wedding but, loosen up. We've enlisted a few tips and tricks for all your camera shy couples that would help you a lot in facing the cameras and going all out there.

Keep reading, brim yourselves up with confidence and go nail your wedding photos and videos.

Tips and Tricks for Camera Shy Couples to Get Perfect Photos

1. It's normal and nothing too big to stress about.

If the fact that you're camera shy gets you worked up, fret not. We're giving it to you—it's normal and it's okay. Continuously worrying about facing the camera would only get you more nervous making it more difficult for you to get those perfect photos. Which is why it is essential for you to first accept that you're a camera shy person and be really okay with it.

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2. Build a good relationship with your photographer.

Before you step in front of the camera, it is essential that you build a good relationship with your dearest photographer. Building a good rapport with your photographer would help ease out, make you a little less uncomfortable and won't get you all panicky. Be it suggesting you poses or taking those video bytes it's all going to be like talking to a friend.*no stranger awkwardness*

3. Hire a candid photographer too.

Don't forget to hire a candid photographer, guys. A candid photographer is going to be a big help and solve so much of your problems here. The candids he's going to pull out amidst all your posing would undoubtedly get you some great photos making up your cutesy wedding album. So go ahead and hire that perfect photographer RN!

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4. Use props.

Using props is another great way to help you feel comfortable in front of the camera. It's an uber cool way for engagement and somehow posing with props is a lot easier because of so many unique and fun poses that you can have along with. Cute handy signboards, hats, liquor bottles, smoke bombs, sparklers, and fancy vehicles make up for some really cool props that you can incorporate while getting clicked. They're gonna get you some really edgy photos, believe us.

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5. Have that sibling or friend you're super comfortable with? Make sure they're always around!

If you have someone who keeps you your own self and basically you're comfortable around then make sure they tag along with you while you're getting clicked. Take them along for your pre-wedding and have them near you at all times in your ceremonies. Ask them beforehand to make sure they keep you sane and comfy and just be there with you being your hype person behind the camera.

6. Communication is the key.

One of the most important aspects of getting the perfect wedding photos and videos is to communicate about everything related with your photographer and with each other. Have an open discussion with your bae about the kind of shots you want and how they want the wedding album to look. But most importantly have a clear conversation with your photographer. Tell them about your camera shyness, let them know what you want and take his advices. Talk it out with your photographer because he's only going to help you out while making sure you both are super chilled out and look your absolute best in photos and videos.

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7. Be yourself, take it lightly and have fun.

The key to making sure that you get happy and fun-filled photos are by being your own self. Believe us guys, you don't really have to try hard to pose or get those perfect videos. Simply being yourself, being light-hearted and having fun all the while is the best way. Don't pretend to be someone you're not, don't do difficult and tricky poses and don't try to look like those couples on magazine covers. Be your raw self, feel and focus on the love & bond that you two share, be in the moment and let your photographer do the rest of the magic.

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7 Important Tips for Camera Shy Couples to Get Perfect Wedding Photos

by Divya Arora

7 Important Tips for Camera Shy Couples to Get Perfect Wedding Photos