Aren’t those women super lucky who are born with beautiful and rare eye colours? It’s like these ladies don’t even need makeup because they have absolutely stunning eyes. That’s what makes so many of us want to have coloured eyes and our only resort is to invest in contact lenses to be able to get those spellbinding eyes. So, here we have some tips for wearing contact lenses at the wedding so that you can ace the coloured eyes look on the most special day of your life, ladies. 

Tips & Tricks For Wearing Contact Lenses On Your Wedding Day

TIP 1: Have A Trial Run Before

If you’ve never worn coloured lenses or even normal number contact lenses then it is crucial for you to at least wear them 2-3 times before your wedding day. Contact lenses take some time getting used to so you cannot just wear them on your wedding day for the first time and coloured lenses are even more difficult getting used to, ladies. Also, you need to know beforehand what colour of contact lenses suits your skin colour and your lehenga to look perfect on your wedding day. That’s why we recommend that you have a trial run (or maybe two) before the big day to be super sure of what you want. 

TIP 2: Wear Your Lenses On Your Own

As silly as this sounds ladies, do not make someone else put the contact lenses in your eyes. Please practice several times but do it on your own with clean hands. It can get really ugly if the bridal makeup artist’s nail pokes your eyes or if the lens doesn’t settle properly. You’ll end up having red watering eyes which will not get normal for a few hours and until then you’re gonna be so uncomfortable. Trust yourself to be able to do this on your own and integrate contact lenses in your wedding on your own. 

TIP 3: Wear A Fresh Pair

If you know your way around contact lenses, you do know that wearing a fresh pair on your wedding day goes without saying. Your fresh pair will make sure that you undergo minimal issues as they aren’t touched or dirty in any way. Ladies, make a note that under no circumstances should you use old lenses. Mark our words, it’s going to be a horrible experience if you have a ‘red eye’ situation on the most special day of your life. 

TIP 4: Always Carry A Spare Pair

We’ve heard of numerous instances where the lenses have fallen off and disappeared in thin air or one simply lost it or some mishap took place and the lenses needed to get changed but there was no spare. While this may not seem like a big deal right now but nobody would want to go through such a situation on their wedding day when there are already ten thousand things happening together. So our solution would be to always, always keep a spare pair of contact lenses to not go through any of these issues. 

TIP 5: The Lens Solution Is Your BFF

Do not rely only on the sealed contact lenses (which already has some lens solution in it) on your wedding day. What if you drop the unsealed packet and all the lens solution drips? It will be a big horror moment for you. That’s why don’t forget to keep the lens solution with your lenses so that you can clean your lenses properly and you know that you’re safe with the extra solution. 

TIP 6: Wear Your Lenses Before The Makeup Starts

Sometimes the eyes start watering as soon as you put the lenses on. It is completely natural (after all, you are poking your eye) but it is super bad for the makeup because something or the other will get ruined. That’s why you have to put on your lenses before your bridal makeup begins. In fact, it will be good as your eyes can get enough time to get used to the lenses and then you can peacefully sit through the makeup session. 

TIP 7: Tell Your MUA About Your Contact Lenses

Let your makeup artist know in advance that you are going to put contact lenses on your wedding day so that the artist can get those products which will be safe for your eyes. Like if you’re putting on lenses, you’d want to stay away from powder eye shadow or you wouldn’t want to get the eyeliner put to the inner lid of your eyes. Keep her in the loop to have a safe and smooth experience with your contact lenses.

TIP 8: Keep Your Glasses As Backup

While we have given you tips for wearing contact lenses at your wedding which shouldn’t lead to you having to wear your glasses despite carrying the lenses, you should always have a backup plan. Carry your glasses only to avoid any last-minute surprises. Worst comes worst, at least you wouldn’t end up bumping into things on your wedding day. You can also have glasses to wear as soon as the celebration ends and it’s time for you to be at ease. 


We hope you feel comfortable wearing contact lenses on your big day now. Do tell us in the comments section below!

8 Tips For Wearing Contact Lenses On Your Wedding Day - (Bye-Bye Glasses!)

by Shweghna Gursahaney

8 Tips For Wearing Contact Lenses On Your Wedding Day - (Bye-Bye Glasses!)