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#ForBrides: Do's And Don'ts Brides Must Follow On Their Wedding Day

Tanya Baisoya, 31 Dec 2019

Brides, it's your D-Day, the day you have been waiting for, ever since you were a child! We know you must be filled with truckloads of emotions, going-to-miss-my-room feeling and the-start-of-a-new-beginning emotion, there is just so much that must be hitting you on the wedding day. But, make sure you don't goof up with any of your plans amidst this rush of emotions. And to make sure, that everything is just nearly perfect at your wedding we have some Do's and Don'ts for all you brides!

Things To Keep In Mind On Your D-Day

Some Necessary Dos!

- Don't forget to start your day with some peppy music.

- Confirm the timing with your photographer again before the shoot. 

- Arrange things for your makeup artist beforehand!

- Use the washroom before you get all decked up. 

- Don't forget to eat before getting dressed up. You should not keep yourself devoid of food and energy on your D-Day.

- Spend quality time with your bridesmaids, family and your adorable pet.

- Try not to be experimental with your pre-decided wedding look, it might confuse you even more. 

Time For Some Don'ts

- Don't get your bridal room overcrowded with people, it might disturb you and your makeup artists.

- Don't add anything new to your to-do list now. It might go out of hands. In short, don't try to be a super-bride on your wedding day.

- Try not to keep your photographer and makeup artist waiting.  

- Avoid washing your hair on the wedding day. It might get difficult for the hairstylist to do certain updos.

- Don't eat oily food, it might make you feel uncomfortable later. 

- Don't wear uncomfortable shoes.

- Lastly, don't fret too much, and let negative thoughts surround you. 


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