If there’s anyone who is as excited for your big day as you are, it is your parents. Especially your daddy-dearest! He has been the biggest cheerleaders in your life right from day one. Whether it was when you tripped while walking your first steps or the day you experienced your first heartbreak, your father was always there to hold you tight and lift you up. Moreover, he always had the most satisfying words to comfort you & brighten up your day, whenever you felt low. And now that you’re all set to begin a new phase of your life, he is right there to shoo away all your wedding blues & walk you down the aisle to your blissful forever.

However, amidst all the preparations & wedding madness, there’s a lot that goes into his mind that you may not know of! Based on what we've heard from real fathers of the brides, we're listing all possible thoughts that will make rounds in the head of your daddy dearest. Don't forget to keep your tissues handy.

Thoughts your father will have on your wedding

1. Never knew she'll grow up this soon.

He has walked along when you took your first steps as a toddler and now when you're all grown up & set to walk down the aisle, he just cannot believe his eyes. Trust us, he's running a river of tears inside. 

2. Oh, I am gonna miss her a lot! Hope she visits us often!

Your father will be engulfed by this thought as soon as the wedding festivities begin! After all, he has seen his baby boo outgrow his lap into a successful woman that you are today. It's definitely going to be hard to see you outgrow his sight. In the initial few days of your marriage, he'll keep wondering & anxiously waiting to see you again super soon. However, with time, everything will take acceptance as a part and parcel of life.

3. Home will not be home without her cheery smiles & giggles!

The moment he realises there'll be no one to cheer him up with those ear-to-ear smiles and warm hugs when he comes back home all tired and exhausted from work! This will be one of the biggest sorrows for him since the home will not be as lively as it used to be.

4. Wow! My daughter looks lovely as a bride.

Seeing his doll all dressed up as a bride in her bridal glory and walking down the aisle under that phoolon ki chaadar is sure to leave him speechless & unimaginably emotional. He'll suddenly be awestruck at your beauty. 

5. Look at her wide smile! I have never seen her this happy. May she always stay like this all her life!

When he can't help but notice over and over how happy you are on your big day. Watching her share all those hearty laughs and giggles with her partner and her in-laws will make you want to seize the moment then and there. After all, which father doesn't want to see his daughter stay happy for a lifetime?

6. She has found herself the right partner & I am proud of her choice.

Obviously, he always wanted his daughter to marry someone who understands her, stands by her side, takes good care of her and gives her all the happiness in this world. And now that you are finally getting married to one such guy, it's indeed gonna give him a sigh of relief. He'll be proud of your decisions and be assured that you know what's right for you.

7. Now, I am not just a father but a father-in-law too!

Oh, and how can he forget feeling overwhelmed about being poured with double the love & care now! It's because of you that he'll have a loving son and more than that, a new friend or companion to share his problems with. However, his responsibility doubles too.

8. She will definitely make for an ideal wife and an even more loving daughter-in-law.

Knowing how affectionate & respectful you have always been towards him, your family and all the other people you have been too close to, this thought will most definitely cross his mind. He is well aware of how you have imbibed all the good values throughout these years and it'll, of course, reflect on your personality post the wedding too.

9. Is it time for Vidaai? I don't wanna make her cry by crying myself!

It's the most heartbreaking feeling for parents to bid adieu to their little one. No matter how strong and brave your father might be otherwise, he'll not be able to control his tears the moment he knows it's time to say 'goodbye' to his jigar ka tukda. 

10. I hope he treats her like a princess!

At the end of the day, all a father wants to be left assured of is that his daughter gets all the love, care & pampering that she has ever received from him and her family members.

11. I will always be there to guide and support her come what may!

Irrespective of what the situation is, just know he will always be there to lend his support and show you the right path, in case you fail to figure it out on your own. After all, he can't leave you all alone while you adopt this new phase in your life. 

12. Wait, are all the payments cleared?

Lastly, leaving aside all the emotional feels, here's one inevitable thought that every father has on his daughter's wedding.


Don't forget to shower him with tons of hugs and love.

Emotional & Sweet Thoughts Your Father will Definitely Have on your Wedding

by Anupriya Khanna

Emotional & Sweet Thoughts Your Father will Definitely Have on your Wedding