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This Pre-wedding Shoot with clever shadow play is SO aesthetically appealing!

Surbhi Gupta, 24 Apr 2018

Pre-wedding shoots these days have an all-new avatar and there's no denying of the fact that these avatars are pretty thoughtful and unique. They're so much more than posed-pictures and picturesque destinations.

We came across another such pre-wedding photoshoot where photographer Naman Verma made best use of shadows to create an intimate and mesmerising visual effect. We are further in awe with how this pre wedding shoot done at a remote beach in Goa is a perfect depiction of the couple's real life love story.

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Ankur proposed his wife Khushboo at the place that she loved the most and dreamt of having a wedding at, the beach. Taking a clue, he went down on one knee on a picturesque beach in Mexico and proposed to her with a song. All Khushboo was left with was a candid remark and a wedding date.

As we have said before, pre-wedding photoshoots should be an ideal depiction of your story together and not just beautiful pictures.

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