This Pre-Wedding Shoot Is Sure To Satisfy Your Foodie Soul

Simran Keswani , 09 Jan 2018

From choosing the right location to sculpting body for picture-perfect shots, pre-wedding entails a mammoth of tasks. And making all this worth it; are the pictures that one treasures for life. But what people often forget is that pre-wedding pictures aren’t merely to put your best version forward but rather a joyous event to bond over with your boo. Besides, pre-wedding should also reflect your likes and hobbies.

Meet Vinit & Vishakha

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Breaking the monotony of zeroing the fats to merely model ahead of a fancy backdrop in the name of a pre-wedding shoot, this couple in fact incorporated something they love the most, FOOD.

The Mumbai based couple revisited all the restaurant and cafe where they had once gone out for their dates. They shared many beautiful anecdotes in these locations and eventually bonded on love from hogging there.

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Pre Wedding Shoot Shot by Samsara Photography

From the Bride

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Vinit and I wanted to ditch the mundane & meaningless pre-wedding shoot and by doing something that we relate to the core. And with this thought, my fiancé Vinit said we should be doing something along the lines of food as we're both connoisseurs of food. And when everyone around was nagging me to diet just days before my wedding we decided to give up on those pieces of advice and decided to go on a food riot and capture the same. Though the initial idea came from Vinit, both of us brainstormed and created this shoot showcasing our love for food.

Also, kudos to the team of Samsara Photography, who did their best by capturing each & every idea so damn brilliantly.

We ended ordering biryani after seeing this shoot! Did it also leave you hungry?