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This Glam-Camp Bridal Shower Thrown In A Backyard Is Perfect For Your BFF’s Wedding!

Shinjini Chawla, 17 Mar 2017

This is the first post in the series on Purva & Shivam’s Real Wedding.

One-half of the dream team behind Vintage Nutters got hitched recently, and we have exclusive pictures to share from the bridal shower up first!

If you’re wondering what Vintage Nutters is, it’s a niche decor company that specialises in giving events a vintage feel. So when one-half of the founding team, Purva, decided to get married, her business partner and long-time friend, Shreya, planned out a very special bridal shower…

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Step away from the run-of-the-mill pink balloons.

And say hello to...Purva’s Glam Camp!

YUP! It took place in Shreya’s Lonavla house’s backyard, with a tent and toasted marshmallows and everything!

DIY Vintage Boho Decor


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It was a complete surprise for the bride, who was taken to the house on the pretext of a simple dinner with friends. When she stepped into the party, she fell in love with everything she saw! Since Purva wanted to be a “vintage boho” bride herself, her friends had kept that as the theme for the bridal shower. They had thrown rugs and cushions in the lawn as a seating arrangement and used wooden crates, stacks of hay and crochet elements to decorate the area. Of course, the friends had looted the Vintage Nutters prop store to create the perfect look! And all of it was DIY since they had wanted to throw it on a budget.

All The Drinking (and the Games!)


They knew Purva wouldn’t enjoy the typical “extra naughty” bits that bridal showers are typically jam-packed with, so they went for a cutesy vibe instead. But that doesn’t mean things didn’t get wild ;)

There was bra pong, at which the bride excelled, and a compatibility test for the bride with her groom, Shivam. And since they are all art school friends, a game of dirty pictionary was obviously on the cards!

Purva is also an art director in movies, so they placed a game where everyone had to guess which movie random romantic dialogues were from and surprise, surprise, the bride was the only one who got them ALL right!

For Food & Drinks, they had mulled wine and rum punch (which sounds yummy to us!) There were small jars with roasted marshmallows and smores, munchies for snacks and enamel cups (instead of paper cups) with personalised stirrers.

All in all, it was a night full of drinking and dancing!

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