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This Couple Takes The Pre-Wedding Shoot Game To Another Level

Bhavika Vallecha, 03 Oct 2017

When it comes to pre-wedding shoots, Paris is the most preferred destination nowadays for a romantic shoot because of the enticing Eiffel Tower in the background. But, lately it's kind of cliched; every other person is seen flying to Paris to get their pre-wedding shoot done. It's time to stop following the herd and explore other picturesque destinations, one of them being, Rome. If you really are in search of a unique view as the setting of your pre-wedding shoot, the beautiful arched facade of Rome is the place you should traverse.

The couple hired a photographer in Rome itself and the photo shoot will make you rub your eyeballs.

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Bride Snehdeep Bains is a resident of Chandigarh and has been working in an IT company for about 4 years now. Her fiancé, Gurnoor dwells in the US as he works for the US Federal Government. The bride discusses that choosing a location for the pre-wedding shoot was hectic, which soon turned into a debate. Like every other couple, choosing the perfect location for the pre-wedding shoot was arduous. After shortlisting Spain, Ireland and Italy, the couple finally settled on Italy. The best part of the shoot was during the evening at the Capitoline Hill building. It was the time of sunset and experiencing the view from the top of the building was a feeling unexplainable, as the couple describes.

We couldn’t get enough of this pre-wedding shoot in Rome, could you?