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This Couple’s Illustrated Save-The-Date Invite Is Making Us Go Aww!

Sanchita Kalra, 14 Nov 2016

Have you ever come across a couple who are experts at entertaining not just others but themselves too? And to the limit that their friends think they don’t need to have a television because they’re that aww-dorable and humorous!

Well, if you haven’t then meet Shreya Sen, a wedding photographer and the hubby-to-be, Saurish, a corporate yet an extremely creative man! This couple who are described as ‘Yin and Yang’ by their friends because of their personalities whipped up the cutest save-the-date invite, which I am sure will make stop-and-stare!


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Shreya and Saurish's Save-The-Date Invite

Who's Shaury?

Like I told you 7 Ways To Create A Unique Wedding Hashtag Guests Will Remember a while ago, this couple mixed and matched their names, Shreya and Saurish, and came up with this super cool couple name 'Shaury'. Cute, right?

The Idea Behind The Save-The-Date Puzzle

Saurish and Shreya simply love the illustrated puzzle book called Where's Wally, which is all about chaotic detailed scenes and you have to look for Wally and some of his friends within that chaos. So, every night, they try to play at least one page of that book. It requires a fair bit of concentration but it is something that they both enjoy doing together.  Therefore, when it was their time to create a unique save the date, they customised their favourite puzzle!

What Went Inside Their Own Puzzle

Saurish and Shreya wanted the save-the-date invite to be fun and meaningful at the same time. And also something that would make people spend some time on it rather than just ‘throwing’ after a few days.

As Shreya loves every bit of detailing, there were a few things that were added for personal touch:

→ Bride's jaimala shows the hanging camera (in the puzzle!)

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→ Tango, the couple's dog

→ Saurish's niece and nephew and some elements that personally mean something to them

And given that the couple is going to have a Bengali wedding, they decided to add a few typical Kolkata characters too:

→ The rickshaw walas arguing with the typical Kolkata taxis

Chai walas with their bhaarer (matka) cups

→ Bengali aunties blowing the conch

→  Other parts of Bengali wedding such as feet adorned with alta, shakha pola (red and white bangles), mishti doi, the fish decorated like a bride & groom, paan leaves etc.

The Super Woman Behind It

Shreya is a huge fan of Bangalore based illustrator,  Alicia Souza's work. Even though Alicia usually does not do wedding cards but she loved the entire concept and agreed to design it for the couple!

And just like I mentioned in my blog before "think about what you like and dislike as a couple, and put it together in your invite to personalise it" in This Illustrated Save The Date Is Giving Us Major #WeddingGoals!, I would say again, do what makes you unique as a couple!

What do you think of this super cute save-the-date invite? Tell us below!