This Couple Proved Pre-Wedding Shoots Are So Much More Than Pretty Locations

Simran Keswani , 08 Dec 2017

Writing content isn’t so easy, sometimes we see a picture and instantly we are running our fingers but then once in a while something so unique and gratifying pops in that we fall short of words for it and that is exactly what happened when we saw the pre-wedding shoot of Abhishek and Tarini.

While most of the couples would go for a recce to a zillion unexplored places to ensure their photos doesn’t come out as “any other pre-wedding shoot”, this couple escaped the OTT location trend and rather took the conventional yet divergent path by choosing their own future home as their pre-wedding shoot location.

See Abhishek and Tarini painting their story on the wall of love.

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The non-cheesy couple wanted to do something that reflects their story and so the underlying theme is a witness of their life post-marriage when they will be living under the same roof.

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Really, what better location could have been like your own to-be-home?

Kudos to their photographer, for pouring all his creative juices in.

What kind of a location would you choose for a pre-wedding shoot? Comment below!

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