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Thinking of Proposing Someone? 10 Ways which could improve your chances drastically!

ShaadiSaga, 28 Nov 2014

Have you met your Soul mate and can’t contemplate a way to propose? Think that your love story is different and don’t want to do it the cliché way? Want this moment to be etched in your memories for times to come and make the story of ‘how I proposed to your grandmother’ worth telling your grandkids? If all the answers to the questions above are YES, then you need to read further. We bring you not so cliché ways to pop the question.

1. Scuba diving

When everyone does it on land, make it a little different and go underwater. She is bound to be surprised and a YES is guaranteed!

2. Up in the air

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While we’ve done underwater, even better is you take her for a chopper ride and show her what she means to you. When she looks down, she’ll already know the question. Place a ring on her ring finger between the clouds.

3. Say it with a hoarding

Let the world know that she’s the special one. Drive by the hoarding and watch her get flabbergasted, hug you and accept our hoarding offer!!

4. Underwater world

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While you don’t want to get her wet, take her to the underwater world- she’ll be happy to see you inside the fish tank rather than the fish-trust me!

5. I Scream

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When you don’t want your wallet feeling a lot lighter and still want to make it different-give her a box of her favourite ice-cream and wait till she reads the cover.

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6. Say it with the cover

While helping her get a cover for her iPhone, ask her to spend her life with you. This will be light on the pocket and surprise her just a little too much. Most importantl, its gonna stay with her!!

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7. Fortune cookie

After a good Chinese meal in a fancy restaurant, ask her to break open her fortune cookie and show her what her future holds for her.

8. Make her breakfast

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Get her breakfast in bed and say it with chocolate sauce. Make sure that you have a ring ready when she starts smiling real wide and nodding her head.

9. Chocolaty Delight

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Every girl has a sweet tooth. You will definitely hear a yes before she starts gorging on the chocolates and cupcakes.

10. Let there be lights!

What’s better than coming home to the candles and rose petals asking you this question?

11. Drink your coke and say yes!

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You can also do something extremely different and wait for the moment she gets thirsty and opens her refrigerator to get a bottle of coke.