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Things to keep in mind while Marrying a Foodie Soul

Shivani Malhotra, 09 Mar 2018

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Food is a god-gifted sentiment to people who binge on anything and everything which they see on the menu. They have this inhabited art of relating their every emotion with food; whether it’s desserts, high-on-carbs meal or a mere piece of bread. ‘Diet’ seems completely absurd to them, as their whole world seems to have isolated when told to burn those calories out or limit their habit of binge eating. 

Free food is the only dream they look forward to for saving those extra bucks! Probably the only thing that one can learn from having a conversation with them is: What are the best cuisines and where to try them? They will get you to the notch of everything food. So, if you’re marrying a person who loves food as much as you do them, make sure that you keep these things in mind to not be a third wheel in their relationship with food.

1. Get your basics right with cutlery

Impress them with knowing the art of using the right cutlery or else they can judge you for not-knowing anything or maybe a strong criticism for you is in the process! Also, a simple Cutlery or dining set, as a gift, can bring a smile on their face.

2. It’s easy to ‘Give them Treats’

Being an insatiable lover of food they often enjoy accompanying people who take them for Brunch or Dinner dates. Plan often to take them out for trying new cuisines or whatever they like. Also, such small hang-outs will get to know your partner well & their likes and dislikes.

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3. Go Grocery Shopping along

Grocery shopping might not be their favourite thing to do but in order to cook sometimes, they can require a helping hand! Be their helping hand and learn about tips to do grocery shopping like a pro!

4. Food will never fail to impress them

Marriage is said to be a union of two souls but it's different when you're marrying a foodie. They already have two souls in them—the real soul and the foodie soul. Cooking their favourite dishes can just be a cherry on the cake for the relationship to expand.

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5. Sharing your food = sharing your love

"Joey doesn’t share food." Act like this and they will kick your butt (laughs). Share with them your food and they’ll be loyal to you as long as the food is with them. Foodie people are also easy to bribe… just make them eat anywhere.

At the end no matter who you marry, good food will always be the way to their heart!

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If you’re about to marry a foodie, do tag them! And, let us know your experience handling one!

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