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Essential Things to Keep in Mind While Hosting an Outdoor Wedding

Divya Arora, 25 Feb 2019

For their spirited charm and joyous effervescent vibes, outdoor weddings are highly favored and loved by all. With a surreal decor glistening under the day sun or a dreamily lit decor shining under the night sky, outdoor weddings are a treat to the eyes and a happy calm to the soul. As gorgeous outdoor weddings undoubtedly are, planning them requires as much attention and thoughtfulness.

Right from a simple lawn wedding or a hill wedding to ultimate big fat destination wedding, a plethora of tiny and big elements are closely knit together to bring an unforgettable outdoor wedding to life. Be it the weather, the season or the time, a lot of key aspects have to be paid special attention to as well. And we've clubbed exactly those essentials together to help you ideate your outdoor wedding accordingly and host a wedding that leaves everybody amazebllin'.

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Things to Keep in Mind While Hosting an Outdoor Wedding

1. Budget

It is essential to have a fixed and finalized budget for your wedding as it will help you decide the kind of wedding you'd want. Be it a destination wedding, a hill wedding or a beach wedding, proper budgeting would aid you in finalizing your venue accordingly.

2. Season & Weather

The season you've chosen for your wedding is essential and matters a lot while hosting an outdoor wedding. In summers, night weddings are much better than day weddings and would require comparatively lesser cooling fans and sprinklers. Whereas, in winters, getting married on a bright sunny day is way more preferable than nighttime weddings. After all, basking in the winter sun is better than freezing in chilly nights. Choose the weather that you're most comfortable with and plan accordingly.

3. Kinds of Wedding

There are different kinds of outdoor weddings that you can have and all of them needs to be planned accordingly. The tips and the basic dos & don'ts for the varied types are different. Here are the kinds of outdoor wedding you can opt from:

  • Beach Wedding: While planning a beach wedding, the most important thing to keep in mind is the month you should be choosing. Summers and monsoon season should be particularly avoided for a happy & pleasant beach wedding. Also, try timing your ceremonies around sunset for lovely weather and great pictures. A gorgeous floral and subtle hued decor, colorful parasols, pretty fairly lights, quirky beachy favors, and delectable drinks served in cute ways are some of the elements that would amp up your beach wedding.
  • Hill Station Wedding: Hill stations make up for a gorgeous location for weddings. Getting married amidst the lush greens under the vast skies against the serene hilly backdrop is nothing less than a dream. but planning a hill station wedding isn't a cakewalk either. Make sure the weather around the time of your wedding is suitable. Plan a separate bonfire night for your guests as a part of some unique pre-wedding ceremonies. For your nighttime ceremonies put up heaters or bonfires all over the venue to make the chilly weather more comfortable.
  • Garden/Lawn Wedding: Planning an outdoor wedding in your hometown isn't difficult either. Booking farmhouses or resorts with huge lawns is the best way to go about it.

4. Decor

The decor for your outdoor wedding revelries is super essential too. For instance:

  • If there's a lot of space available you can probably incorporate some fun games at your wedding to add that much-needed zest. Deck up those trees amidst the venue with lights, chandeliers, dreamcatchers or quirky little elements that would amp up your decor.
  • For a day wedding, have shady seating areas, quirky corner with parasols for people to use and beautifully decked up cooling fans.
  • Utilize the pool area and decorate it with fun pool elements, or floating lanterns or a pretty cascading ceiling overhead.

Do you have any other tips that we missed out on? Let us know below!