Pre-Wedding Planning

Things To Keep In Mind While Finalizing Your Pre-Wedding Shoot Location

Simran Keswani , 25 Nov 2017

The pre-wedding shoot which was rather an alien concept earlier has become tremendously popular these days and there is no denying in the fact that we are totally in love with it! While it is all exciting and exhilarating, there is some sort of jim-jams that comes with it. There are many nitty-gritty details to be taken care of while getting on with the pre-wedding shoot, the utmost important attribute is the LOCATION, which could make or break your photo session. Therefore, we are listing down some tips that you MUST consider before finalizing your pre-wedding shoot location.

#1 Meaningful

Go with the saying, “Make the wedding more about you and less about things. ” It is preeminent to ensure that the photo shoot location holds a meaning to you. It could be a place where he proposed you or where you guys first met.

#2 Personalize with your favourites

Pick a location that reflects your personality. For example: If you are a fitness enthusiast, step a little out of the box and get your photo session done inside a gym or a swimming pool, or if you are an athlete choose a stadium to be the backdrop of your pictures. The perfect way to incorporate your love story is by being more than just ordinary.

#3 Know the purpose

Yes! Pre-wedding shoots are all trendy and cool but they’re mere photographs without any purpose. Be clear about what do you want and plan accordingly. Whether you are shooting indoors or outdoors, have some sample pictures on hand and ensure that your location compliments the same. Let’s say, you are shooting in Paris as Eiffel Tower your backdrop, now apprehend, what do you want to be the highlight of your pictures that would not make it just “any other pre-wedding shoot.”

#4 Comfort

This tip needs some serious attention for your pre-wedding shoot is a one-time affair unless you obviously have other plans. Let alone your personality on this day and choose a location where you will more comfortable without any disturbance and people around. 

With these tips, we are sure your pre-wedding shoot will turn out to be a lot more fun and easy!

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