There is no denying the fact that fresh flowers make one of the best hair accessories for your bridal hairdo. Whether you wish to pull your hair into a gorgeous half-tie or twist them into a classic bun, a bunch of fresh & colourful flowers is all you need to add that extra charm to your bridal hair. And what better proof than our real brides themselves! Every other day we spot a new bride nailing a fresh floral hairstyle.

While some go on sporting dramatic braids & half-ties woven with flowers, others style the typical Virushka floral bun with their bridal ensemble. So if you too had been eyeing over some stunning floral hairdo and wondering how to nail it on the big day, we've got some simple yet imperative tips for you to read before the big day. Check through this quick listicle and get your floral hairdo on point!

Important things to note when opting for a 'Floral Hairdo'

Finalize a hairstyle beforehand

First things first, know what hairstyle you want to sport on your wedding day. Whether you wish to rock a half-tie sprinkled with baby’s breath, an all decked-up floral bouquet or a light bun outlined with Gajras, always be clear and discuss it with your hairstylist beforehand to avoid last-minute panic.

Pick suitable flowers

Once you’ve decided over your hairstyle, the next big thing to do is choose the right kind of flowers to go with your hairstyle. You’ll always have a vast variety of blooms to pick from. However, not all flowers go well when it comes to decking up your hair. Say, if you’re planning to have a floral bouquet made of sunflowers, it might not really be a great idea. They are too big and can end up making your bridal hairdo look too dolled-up.

Whereas, orchids, lavenders, baby’s breaths and gardenias can be a great pick. They not only last longer but are also one of the best-smelling flowers around. Other than that, flowers like roses, white hydrangeas, jasmine and carnations are also in great demand. But take note that they start wilting after a few hours.

Refrigerate your flowers

In order to keep your flowers fresh for all day long, it’s always recommended to refrigerate them for some good amount of time before final use. This trick works wonders and makes your bridal blooms appear more vibrant & fresh. All you’ve got to do is simply put your handpicked flowers in a bowl filled with fresh water and place it in the refrigerator overnight. And voila, they are all fresh & ready to use the next day!

Prefer blooms that last longer & smell great

Another important thing to keep in mind when making decisions about your floral hairdo is to know whether the flowers that you’re planning to incorporate go on for hours or not. Fresh flowers tend to wilt after some time. But there are some that last comparatively longer & beautifully perk up your bridal hair with their aroma. So, make it a point you pick your flowers wisely. Baby’s breaths, lavenders, mogras & orchids can be some of your preferred choices.

Don’t go overboard

Your floral hairdo can end up ruining your bridal glory if gone wrong. Especially when it is too overly done! Which is why it’s always better to play safe and opt for floral hairstyles that are way subtle and classy in appearance. Even though the trend of bouquet buns & beauteous floral buns is creating all the noise for the last few years, it is imperative to know the trick to ace it, without looking like a mess. This is one area where the skills of your hairstylist can make a lot of difference. So, invest in a great hairstylist or simply opt for a minimal floral hairdo to go with your bridal ensemble.

Spritz up your hair with the setting spray before tucking the flowers

One of the most common mistakes that brides often commit is that they use a setting spray right after they’ve got their bridal hair pinned with fresh flowers. Direct misting rids the flowers from lasting for too long & makes them appear stale & crushed throughout the ceremony. Which is why it’s always told to pin your flowers in the last after all the squirting & spraying is done. 

Opt for flowers that go well with your hair colour

When picking your flowers for the bridal hairdo, always take your hair colour into consideration. Not all flowers pop out on a brunette hair colour or a blonde shade. So, pick one that blends just well with your shade. If you’ve got a blonde shade, you can opt for yummy pink-hued flowers for an impressive contrast. Whereas, to go with brunette or black hair, red blooms are the best.

Keep the colour of your outfit in mind!

Apart from your hair colour, you also have to ensure that your bridal attire is in sync with the colour of the flowers you pick for your bridal hair. Say, if you’re opting to wear a pastel pink lehenga for your wedding, you can easily match it with some fresh peonies or roses in a yummy pink hue. However, if you don’t want to go the matchy-matchy route, you can always add a pop of contrasting hue, by picking orchids or lavenders instead.

Prefer dainty flowers over heavier ones

Lastly, pick dainty flowers over bulky ones. They don’t bog you down and keep your head lighter throughout your wedding day. This way you’re not left with an aching head and can enjoy your wedding celebrations to the fullest. 


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Planning a Floral Hairdo? Don't Forget to Keep these 9 Things in Mind!

by Anupriya Khanna

Planning a Floral Hairdo? Don't Forget to Keep these 9 Things in Mind!