Crazy Things You Can Do While Waiting For Your Baraat

Medha Chawla, 28 Nov 2019

You aren't a sassy bride, if, in this age, you wait for the baraat patiently! Because hey! You have been slogging and running errands for months just to make your wedding perfect. And, you definitely don't deserve to wait on your D-Day, or let's put it like, you should NOT wait composedly on your D-Day. So, what can you exactly do to not make this wait sound boring? Of course, some fun things with your girls! And we have arranged a list of those quirky and eccentric things you could do to make your baraat wait the most fun thing ever! Yes, you read that right, ladies! 

9 Crazy Things Every Bride Can Do While Waiting For Her Baraat

1. Fun photoshoot with bridesmaids

Girls can never have enough photos so what better than spending those waiting moments than getting clicked with your lovelies! We have also got you covered with umpteen bridesmaids photo ideas.

2. Plan revenge with your clan (just like this bride did)

Are you a sassy bride who hates any sort of unpunctuality, you gotta take inspo from this bride who too

3. Time to hog!

You may find it lame but trust me this is the best time to satiate your hungry belly because once you enter the venue, you never know when will you get to eat next!

4. Up your solo bridal portraits game

The baraat is late? Let it be! You can meanwhile get some amazing solo portraits. Don't worry if you don't know how to pose for solo photos, we have you covered with this blog.

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5. Go out shopping ( if nearby, just like this bride went to Jimmy Choo)

Take inspiration from the bride Dimple who shooed away the waiting blues by heading out for shopping to a nearby Jimmy Choo store.

6. Steal some private moments with your parents

There's is no doubt that your parents deserve to feel special on your D-day. One way to do the same is by stealing some private moments with them before heading out for your bridal entry. While your groom makes you wait, carve out a few minutes to talk to your mom and dad, privately. Thank them for everything, click selfies, embrace a hug, chat with them and share some light moments on your big day.

7. Practice your bridal walk

Yes....this is a thing! All lot of brides do practice their bridal walk before actually walking the aisle. Especially, if you have people who will be walking with you, it is better to rehearse it beforehand so that your bridal entry moment is not ruined  

8. Pen down your feelings in a journal

Being the bride is a once-in-a-lifetime feeling. It is like being immersed in a pool of emotions. You are happy, sad, excited, nervous and sulking all at the same time. So it makes total sense to preserve these feelings in a diary. Especially when there is ample time for the baraat to arrive.

9. Or write a heartfelt speech for your hubby/family

Surprise your loved ones with a heartfelt speech after the pheras. And what better time to jot down that speech while the baraat is taking those extra minutes (or hours).


Do you have any crazier ideas in your head? Do share with us in comments!