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8 Things Brides Must Do ONE Day Before the Mehndi Ceremony

Anupriya Khanna, 07 Mar 2019

Even though every wedding ceremony is beautiful and has a special charm of its own, but it's the Mehendi ceremony that is the most joyous & colourful of all. Everything about it, right from the vibrant decorations, fun games, quirky & unique favours to pretty outfits, is bewitching. However, when it comes to planning one, it's as taxing as others. You've got a long list of things to do before your mehndi ceremony. There are vendors to be coordinated, decorations to be taken care of, guests to be entertained & mehndi designs to be selected. And while a major chunk of the planning is done beforehand, there are still some tasks that need to be completed a day prior. So we thought of creating an ultimate checklist to follow before mehndi ceremony. Take notes and don't miss out on any!

Important Things to do 1 Day Before your Mehndi Ceremony

1. Get all your mehndi accessories collected in one place

To ensure you don't miss out on any of your mehndi accessories, it is always better to get them together at one place. So, take a regular sized tote bag and stuff it with those silk thread bangles, gota danglers, floral jewels, payals and all the other accessories that you plan to pair with your outfit.

2. Coordinate with your mehndi artist

First things first, recheck with your mehndi artist and make sure he reaches the venue on time. Also, confirm beforehand the total number of artists he'll be appointing for your bridal mehndi and for others, to get the necessary sitting arrangements done accordingly. 

3. Have a word with your decorator & give him the last pitch on all the details

Since you won't get enough time to talk to your decorator on your Mehndi day, do it a day before. Brief him in detail about where do you want your mehndi seating to be, what centrepieces do you want to include in the table settings, how do you want to display the mehndi favours and all the other requirements. This way there won't be any last minute glitches.

4. Screenshot a few fun & quirky mehndi shots

This one's a must do. Mehndi is one fun ceremony where you'll experience a mixed platter of emotions coupled with a burst of colours. Which is why you ought to get it captured in its truest sense. So, skim through our photo gallery and bookmark a few amazing & quirky mehndi photo ideas for yourself. Also, don't forget to save those mandatory mehndi shots too. In case you don't get enough time to do that, ask your bridesmaid to add it in her BFF duties list and do it for you!

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5. Choose a beautiful bridal mehndi design 

Because you'll only have little time later, make all the important decisions beforehand. One of which is also deciding on your bridal mehndi design. There is a pool of options available at your dispense- right from portrait mehndi designs, Arabic trails, rose motif details to simplistic patterns for your hands & feet. Just save the ones you love and show it to your mehndi artist the next day.

6. Do the final outfit check

Before you finally slip into your mehndi outfit the next day, do the final outfit trial one last time. Check for any extra threads that might be popping out from your outfit or if your outfit has any stains. Get everything in place before time to avoid any last-minute mayhem. Once that is done, get it steam ironed/dry cleaned and set it aside. 

7. Check your Mehndi favours

Yet another important thing to do before your mehndi ceremony is to check for your mehndi favours. Ask someone to take charge of it and get them displayed in all those favour thelas and stations at the venue, since you won't be able to do it by yourself.

8. Prep your skin before sleeping

Lastly, put on a nourishing overnight face mask before going to bed, take a sound sleep and wake up with fresh, smooth and glowing skin on your Mehndi day. 


Swear by these points and have a fun-filled Mehndi!