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Things Every Sibling should do before their Brother/Sister gets Married!

Surbhi Gupta, 13 Apr 2018

Having grown up together, siblings are mirror images of each other. There is no occasion bigger for a younger sibling than their big sibling's marriage. Understandably, with that enthusiasm, you want to go all out and leave no stone unturned. We bring to you a few ideas to make this big day special for your brother/sister and give them a bucketload of memories to take back home.

1. Throw them a bridal/groom shower to remember

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From personalized invites to personalized return favors, make sure that you throw your sibling a grand bridal shower. Add in loads of games revolving around them, including cute little elements from their life into the decor, set a menu that has their favorite food and call their favorite bridesmaids/groomsmen. She/He should feel every feel bit pampered and loved before they begin their new life.

2. Speak them a heartfelt speech

No matter how stage phobic or at a loss of words you are, this one is a must do. Put in your childhood memories, your well coveted code words, funny past instances and roll it into an emotional ending. It will be a great idea to combine this with a time capsule slideshow of their childhood pictures and your pictures with them. Cliche but impactful!

3. Give them a bridal entrance out of their dreams

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Scroll through the million bridal entrance ideas an videos available on Insta and Facebook to create one of your own for your sister/brother. Combine it with a playlist and hand it over to the DJ just in time. You can also add in an extra punch by doing an impromptu or rehearsed dance performance after/before she/he takes the stage.

4. Plan a great post-wedding photoshoot 

Give your it-couple, a great post-wedding shoot. Personalise it as per what they like the most or what they share in common. It could be a fantasy for food or cars or gadgets. Make sure their pre-wedding shoot tells a story of their lives. You can also add an extra perk by shooting it at the same place where they first met.

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5. Keep the dance performances rolling

It is singularly your duty to handle the dance performances during the roka, mehendi, and sagai. With the plethora of cousins and friends volunteering/not willing to dance, you will have to take it on your shoulders to sort out the dancing sequences. Also, it will be your headache to manage the aunties who want to solo dance endlessly on Sridevi's songs. In between all this, make sure you roll out at least one solo performance on each function. Phew! We told you it is more laborious than it looks.

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6. Take care of the coordination and execution

Right from helping them with their wedding outfit on stage to double-checking their trousseau packing, give them an extra hand that they can rely on. Make sure they have eaten and keep checking with them if they need anything. These little efforts would go a long way in making the D day memorable and less tiresome for them. Also, it will give you an opportunity to cherish those last moment memories with them.

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7. Gift them a memorable gift

Few gifting ideas could be a college, a memento from their childhood like their scribbled school shirt, their favorite food packets, bath products or simply gift them the basics like a perfume or a watch. Since you know them so well, make sure you personalize the gift and make it a memorable one.

Have any more ideas to make your siblings' big day special? Do share with us in the comments below.

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